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Real-Time Network Traffic Analyzer Tool

These days, an organization's ability to stay competitive in the long term depends majorly upon its IT infrastructure. There's been a paradigmatic shift to complex hybrid and cloud infrastructures, and many organizations are finding new ways to keep their network performance streamlined. This requires visibility into all the elements of their network, in order to know how each node is performing and what data is being transferred.

The real challenges start when admins must make the networks capable of meeting user expectations while keeping this dynamic infrastructure in check. When an infrastructure is too complex, the following performance issues can go unnoticed.

Solving traffic analysis challenges: 4 ways to identify performance issues

Insufficient upload or download speed

In a large enterprise, the bandwidth used by devices can go untracked, leaving the IT admin team to question what's monopolizing the bandwidth and causing poor performance. They may opt to purchase more bandwidth, but without knowing the cause of the performance issues, this is not a sustainable solution. It may be that devices are running applications that are bandwidth heavy or end users are downloading large files. When you monitor the devices connected to your network, you can see how they're consuming the bandwidth, and for what purpose. Not only do you get better control over your network performance, but your security is improved by tracking traffic anomalies and identifying flash or probe attacks.

NetFlow Analyzer is an end-to-end network traffic analyzer and bandwidth monitoring tool that provides visibility into all the elements of your devices and lets you know the bandwidth usage by utilization and traffic volume.

Little-to-no response from application

With today's complex networks and their performance issues, it can be a challenge for organizations to maintain productivity. In most cases, it's hard to know whether a decline in performance starts with an application or an application server. Say an organization's CRM is used for crucial operations. When an IT admin encounters unusually high response time, they may assume that it's due to a problem with the application. But the actual issue might be a server that doesn't handle simultaneous traffic. With NetFlow Analyzer, you can know if the issue comes from the application or the server for easy troubleshooting.

NetFlow Analyzer's Network Packet Sensor is an agent type installation that combines the functionalities of NetFlow Generator and DPI. While NetFlow Generator helps you find the server traffic and traffic of non-flow exporting devices, DPI provides you with the application response time and network response time.

Poor VoIP calls and connectivity issues

There are so many things that can go wrong with VoIP and WAN networks, which can frustrate the users of your network and tamper the quality and connectivity of voice and data communication. Monitoring the packet delivery rate and tracking key metrics can help increase productivity. NetFlow Analyzer's IPSLA monitoring allows you to monitor and report on the VoIP and WAN traffic with metrics like jitter, availability, packet loss, and latency.

You can configure thresholds, and get notified by an alarm when they are crossed, for quick remediation of your VoIP and WAN connectivity issues.

Devices getting out of sync

One drawback many organizations face while setting up new elements of their infrastructure is security misconfiguration. Misconfiguration of devices can lead to a device functioning incorrectly or being completely disabled, thereby pulling down a network's connectivity and sending performance down the drain. This is why it's important to keep testing the configuration changes being made and to back up those changes as and when necessary. This requires a real-time network traffic analyzer tool that can monitor network-wide health and automate difficult configuration management tasks.

NetFlow Analyzer's Network Configuration Manager provides you the advantage to back up all the configurations, configure QoS policies, and identify and notify you immediately of any configuration changes. There is no network completely immune to problems. And the most daunting scenario is when IT admins are unaware of them. That's why it's imperative to have a network traffic analyzer solution to monitor, alert, and help diagnose those problems as quickly as possible.

Why NetFlow Analyzer?

Modern networks require a network traffic analyzer software that can encompass the challenges of hybrid and cloud environments and bridge the gaps in visibility. The network traffic analyzer tool should automate the monitoring process, while also giving you an accurate picture of what's happening across your network.

NetFlow Analyzer is a fully-featured network traffic analysis tool that supports different flow formats and lets you drill down to monitor real-time traffic data that's crucial for streamlining dynamic applications. As one of the best network traffic analyzer tools, you can also get insights into historical data to understand the source of a network issue, strategize which applications or links should be blocked, and make your network reliable for other business operations.

Real-Time Network Traffic Analyzer Tool - ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer

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