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Azure Load Balancer Monitor

Azure Load Balancer Monitoring

Monitor KPIs of Azure Load balancer.

Monitor the availability and performance of your Azure Load Balancer. Identify, troubleshoot, and resolve performance issues instantly.

With Applications Manager's Azure Load Balancer monitoring, you can:

Get an overview of Load Balancer performance at a single glance

With Applications Manager, get an overall view of the Standard Load Balancer performance at a single glance. You can become aware of critical Azure LB metrics such as Data Path Availability, Health Probe Status, and SNAT Connection Count.

Configure alerts to get notified when data path availability falls to zero as this might mean that all the VMs in the associated backend pool are being probed. Monitor Azure Load Balancer's health probe status and ensure that it doesn't match user defined probed-up percentage of total pool size value to prevent VM shortages that may lead to unserved traffic.

Azure Load Balancer Monitoring - ManageEngine Applications Manager

Monitor front end statistics

With Applications Manager's Azure Load balancer monitor, gain insights into various front-end IP related metrics. Keep a close eye on the number of SNAT ports used and allocated to understand application dependency on outbound originated flows. Configure alarms to get notified when the values go beyond a set threshold.

Track the number of SYN packets received to get to know how many TCP connection attempts were made.

Azure Load Balancer Monitoring Tool - ManageEngine Applications Manager

You can also view the top 5 frontend IP addresses by SNAT connection count to get an overview of the performance at a single glance.

Azure Load Balancer Performance Metrics - ManageEngine Applications Manager

Track backend statistics

Applications Manager's Azure LB monitoring tool also gives you extensive details about critical backend metrics. Monitor the backend health probe status to get to know the health of your application through the load balancer's perspective using the health probe configuration.

Azure LB Monitoring - ManageEngine Applications Manager

Track the number of failed SNAT connections and troubleshoot issues before it can affect application performance.

Azure Standard Load Balancer Monitoring - ManageEngine Applications Manager

Gain insights into load balancer configuration

You can also gain extensive insights into the IP configurations of your Azure Load Balancer. Get to know the provisioning state of the IPs along with their allocation methods.

Azure Load Balancer Monitor - ManageEngine Applications Manager
Azure Load Balancer Monitoring Software - ManageEngine Applications Manager
Azure LB Performance Monitoring - ManageEngine Applications Manager

Leverage trend reports for performance analysis

With comprehensive reporting capabilities, gather and visualize real-time data about Azure Load Balancer performance for a specified period. Analyze the reports to understand performance trends. Monitoring Azure Load Balancer using Applications Manager lets you leverage machine learning techniques to forecast performance.

Start monitoring Azure Load Balancer (LB) within minutes!

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