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Brand Reputation Monitoring

Most businesses today are increasingly leveraging the capabilities of e-commerce websites to build their brands and market their products and services. A brand's online reputation can go a long way in helping the business grow as it improves customer trust and loyalty. This can mean better sales, free advertising and increased reach. Maintaining Brand Reputation is essential to any business and is also a serious challenge for many organizations.

Applications Manager's Brand Reputation monitoring software lets you monitor Brand Reputation and maintain a positive brand reputation by constantly performing real-time black-list checks on your website.

Prevent your website from being black-listed

A major part of Brand Reputation management involves ensuring that your website isn't marked as a threat to users. Applications Manager's Brand Reputation monitor identifies if your website is being marked unsafe by repeatedly checking it against Google's Web Risk List, a regularly updated collection of unsafe resources on the internet.

Applications Manager supports two ways of adding your website for monitoring. You can add individual webpages (you can just specify the URL of the webpage) or you can choose to discover webpages. In the latter, you can enter a web page in the 'Web page URL' field and all the URLs present on the web page will be automatically listed, after which you can choose which URLs to add for monitoring.

Brand Reputation Monitoring - ManageEngine Applications Manager

Applications Manager's Brand Reputation Management software classifies and notifies you about why your site was marked unsafe. It gives insights about whether it was identified as a Suspected malware, Phishing/Deceptive, or as an Unwanted Software.

If your website was suspected as Malware, it might indicate that your site may have links to some known viruses. You need to identify if your website has any unusual redirects from your site. This may be crucial as these are considered as major menaces to the users in the online community. If your website was suspected as Phishing/Deceptive, it might mean that your website contains Social engineering elements that may trick end users into revealing some personal/confidential information. Recognizing and getting rid of these elements may help white list your website again.

In the above two cases, if you find that your website was wrongly suspected, you can report the URL as being wrongly flagged by clicking on the respective 'Steps to whitelist' hyperlink.

If your website was suspected as unwanted software, you may need to check and verify if there are any auto download files. Rechecking and removing it can prevent it from being marked as 'Unwanted Software'.

Brand Reputation Monitoring Software - ManageEngine Applications Manager

The information is presented visually in a tabular format to ensure the user can detect problems at first glance.

Customized alerts and notifications

Applications Manager's Brand Reputation management service lets you add up to 10 URLs in a single monitor. You can configure alerts for Malware Count, Phishing/Deceptive Count, and Unwanted Software Count to become notified if many of your webpages are being marked unsafe. You can receive these alerts through various mediums such as SMS, Email, Slack, etc. This can help website owners become aware of problems with ease and can help resolve them before the end users get affected.

Brand Reputation Management - ManageEngine Applications Manager

On-demand reports for analysis

Applications Manager also lets you generate reports for Brand Reputation Count attributes. These may help you analyze the trends of your brand's online reputation over a selected period. These reports can be exported in PDF/Excel format, or can even be sent to your email.

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With Applications Manager's Brand Reputation monitoring tool, you will be able to effortlessly ensure that your websites don't get black listed. Applications Manager also offers deep website monitoring that gives deep insights about the health and performance of your websites, helping you to optimize them for better end user experiences. Quickly get started by downloading a full-fledged, free, 30 day trial now!

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