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Database Query Monitoring

Every business application relies on a database for smooth flow of information. Therefore, SQL queries are at the heart of all business-critical activities. Inefficient SQL queries such as ineffective joins between tables and inadequate or surplus indexes can lead to many performance problems. Hence, monitoring database queries is essential.

Applications Manager provides out-of-the-box support for availability and performance monitoring of databases through Database Monitoring and also provides effective database query monitoring that allows you to monitor a single query or a set of queries for any given database. This SQL based query monitor allows you to monitor the status of critical queries and stored procedures.

Test database connectivity

Whenever you monitor database query, you are implicitly testing the connectivity of the database. This is useful for general database monitoring. Monitoring database queries is also an efficient way to ensure you keep track of the queries that run between the polling intervals of your regular database monitor.

DB Query Monitor - Keep an eye on important queries

With Applications Manager's database query monitor, you can keep an eye on critical SQL queries that impact the availability and performance of your business application. You can add a single/a set of queries as a database query monitor. The monitor's dashboard is structured to give you an overview of the important metrics of the monitor.

With the DB query monitor, get information about the availability and the performance of the database as well as the execution time of the database queries. This can help you identify probable causes of performance degradation of your business applications - whether they are due to a problem in the database or a problem in the application. If the execution time of the queries are higher than usual, it can indicate a problem with the database.

Database Query Monitoring - ManageEngine Applications Manager

Evaluate query results

The database query monitoring tool in Applications Manager provides an option to show query output.

Monitor Database Query Performance - ManageEngine Applications Manager

On enabling this option, it gives you the outputs of the query/set of queries that you want to monitor. Analyzing the output of the queries can help identify data inconsistencies.

Database Query Monitoring Software - ManageEngine Applications Manager

Manage your queries

Applications Manager's comprehensive database query monitoring tool provides various options to manage your query. Compare query execution times and understand the database performance better. You can even enable/disable data collection of the query results by selecting particular rows according to your requirement.

The database query monitor also allows you to delete rows of query results. This option can prove to be useful while a SQL query returns unexpected query results such as a dead row or a row that should not have existed.

With the database performance query monitor, compare the execution times of SQL queries and identify poor performing queries. Analyze the cause behind it and help prevent major outages. You can also share the worst performing queries on a regular basis to the development team who can then take steps to tune the query.

Database Query Monitoring Tool - ManageEngine Applications Manager

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