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Azure VM Scale Sets Monitoring

Gauge the Performance of Your Virtual Machine Scale Sets

With Applications Manager's Azure Virtual Machine Scale Sets(VMSS) monitoring tool, you can:

  • Obtain a snapshot of the current status of your Virtual Machine Scale Sets
  • Track disk efficiency
  • Analyze network traffic
  • Get insights into VMSS configuration

Obtain a snapshot of the current status of your Virtual Machine Scale Sets

With Applications Manager, quickly get to know your Scale Sets' memory and CPU utilization levels. Consistent high values can lead to performance degradation, higher response times and poor user experiences.

Applications Manager Azure VMSS monitoring dashboard with performance overview
CPU credits of Azure VM Scale Sets being monitored with metrics

You can also easily track the CPU credits consumed and CPU credits remaining. This can help you gauge if VMs' performance levels are getting capped at the base level and analyze how many credits are still available for the VM to burst to higher CPU performance levels if needed.

Track disk efficiency

With Applications Manager's Azure VMSS monitor:

  • Assess how efficiently your data disks are handling data transfer operations. If you find the Data Disk Bandwidth Consumed Percentage approaching 100%, it may indicate that your VMs are experiencing disk I/O bottlenecks.
  • Monitor the OS disk bandwidth and IOPS consumption to ensure efficient handling of read/write and I/O operations.
  • Track read/write operations/bytes in your data and OS disks to gauge data transfer speeds and frequency of reads/writes that may impact overall application performance.
  • Monitor the OS and data disk queue depths to identify increased outstanding I/O requests waiting to be processed. This helps prevent slow boot times and delayed application launches.
Azure VMSS monitor with the disk resource consumption metrics
Disk Read/Write throughput parameters

Analyze network traffic

With Applications Manager, you can easily track the total amount of incoming and outgoing network traffic for all VM instances within the VMSS. Gain insight into the volume of data being received by and transmitted from the VMSS instances. This facilitates you to effectively evaluate the workload's network requirements and helps ensure that your network resources can handle the incoming/outgoing data.

Average traffic throughput value of Azure VM Scale Sets
Network traffic flow of Azure VM Scale Sets being monitored by Applications Manager

Additionally, you can also track inbound and outbound flows to detect unusual or unexpected network connections and assess how your VMSS instances communicate with external services or destinations.

Get insights into VMSS configuration

Important VMSS configuration information is also available at your disposal in a single dashboard. You can monitor the provisioning state and number of instances in your VMSS to track the deployment progress and identify any issues during provisioning. This ensures that the expected number of instances is running to meet your workload demands.

Complete configuration details of Azure VM Scale Sets
Disk Configuration properties of Azure VMSS

In addition, you can also view detailed stats about your VMSS's disk properties, OS profile and image references.

Set up your own Azure VMSS monitor in just a few minutes!

Applications Manager provides a wide array of functions and abilities to monitor the performance of your Azure Virtual machine Scale sets, all without the need to install an agent. Download a 30-day, free trial now!

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