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VMware Horizon Monitoring

Get deep visibility into your Horizon platform and ensure efficient desktop virtualization.

Applications Manager's VMware Horizon monitoring tool helps you keep your virtual and remote desktops running efficiently by collecting, monitoring, and analysing critical KPIs of the VDI environment.

With Applications Manager, you can:

Track connection broker metrics

Ensure availability of the connection brokers. Monitor connection broker stats such as Max. Connections, Number of Composer Connections, etc.

Monitor Connection Broker Statistics

Monitor desktop pools

With Applications Manager's Horizon monitor, get details about the desktop pools in the VDI environment. Identify the pools that have been enabled and get information about its user assignment.

Monitor Desktop Pools

You can also get insights about various desktop pool sessions and visually analyze the number of machines involved.

Monitor Desktop Sessions

Gain insights into sessions

Gain insights into sessions With Applications Manager's comprehensive Horizon monitoring tool, become aware of different types of sessions running in the environment based on both type and protocol. Configure alarms for Average Idle Duration of a Session metric and get notified when the value goes beyond a set threshold as high idle time may contribute to poor performance.

Monitor HorizonView Sessions

Track user experience metrics

You can also monitor performance details of virtual or published desktop sessions that use PCoIP or VMware Blast display protocol. Applications Manager captures and depicts a wide range of metrics about both Blast and PCoIP performance. It gives you a holistic view about Blast and PCoIP networking, Imaging, Audio, CRDB, and USB data transaction details using which you can plan your VM resources efficiently.

HorizonView PCoIP average Metrics - ManageEngine Applications Manager
VM Horizonview PCoIP details - ManageEngine Applications Manager
VM Horizonview Blast average details - ManageEngine Applications Manager
VM Horizonview Blast Metrics - ManageEngine Applications Manager

Monitor vCenter and composer domain details

Monitor the configuration of vCenter servers in Horizon environment along with vCenter certificate details. Find out if View Connection Server instances can connect to the configured vCenter servers. Get information about your Composer domains and also check Composer status.

Configuration of vCenter Servers in Horizon View

Track event database and licenses

Determine if the event database is configured and if events are being recorded to the database. Get notified if the event database is not connected. Manage installed View Licenses and become aware of license expiry dates.

Monitor supporting Horizon tiers and infrastructure

When a performance slowness occurs, it is important for VDI administrators to look into every Horizon tier and supporting infrastructure tiers to isolate the problem. In addition to monitoring every component of VMware Horizon, Applications Manager supports monitoring of ESX / vCenter Servers, Active Directory, MSSQL or Oracle DB used for Events and Query Monitor with events query. It also offers synthetic transaction monitoring and real user monitoring capabilities to help measure and optimize end user experience.

Pinpoint Horizon issues effectively

Applications Manager Proactively identifies performance issues and initiates remedial actions instantly to ensure a great user experience within your virtualized data centre. Configure alarms and get notified of issues and downtimes via email,SMS or Slack messages instantly.

Get customizable Horizon monitoring dashboards

Get all the analytics, reports, and dashboards needed to ensure smooth functioning of your VMware Horizon deployment. Applications Manager's out-of-the-box reports help you identify bottlenecks and effectively plan capacity to optimize virtual desktop performance and guarantee maximum ROI. You can create custom reports and dashboards to address the specific requirements of the stakeholders in your business.

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