Integrate On-Premises Active Directory(AD)


Integrating your Microsoft on-premises AD with the cloud version of Mobile Device Manager Plus MSP involves configuring a directory server and setting up a tool to sync your AD data. This is feasible by using Zoho Directory which is our in-house solution. During the configuration of the Zoho Directory server, the Zoho Directory Sync tool is downloaded and set up in order to sync your AD. Follow the steps provided to successfully integrate your on-premises AD with MDM Cloud. Additionally, you can configure SAML to enable device enrollment using Active Directory credentials.

How does Zoho Directory Sync work?

The Zoho Directory Sync queries your LDAP server and your Zoho Account. The data belonging to both these lists are compared and all the observed changes are curated during this comparison. Now your Zoho Account is updated with all the necessary changes. The major benefit of Zoho Directory Sync is not even a single update is made to your LDAP server and your data remains completely safe and secure. The task of adding, modifying, and deleting accounts in each LDAP-enabled application separately is simplified thereby enhancing network security and reducing management costs.

System Requirements

Before you download and install Zoho Directory Sync, make sure you meet the system requirements. The installer downloads and installs all the required components on your server. The system requirements are as follows.

Info Message

For best results, a network connection to your Zoho domain without any proxies or firewalls is recommended.


STEP #1: Configuring Zoho Directory Server

The first part of the integration process involves configuring Zoho Directory Server, where you initiate the integration process by following the below given steps:

STEP #2: Setting up Zoho Directory Sync tool

The next part of the integration process involves setting up the Zoho Directory Sync tool, which is primarily responsible for syncing AD users and groups to MDM. Follow the steps given below to set it up:

You have successfully integrated Microsoft On-Premises Active Directory with MDM.

AD-based authentication

You can use AD-based credentials for authentication. To enable AD-based authentication, refer to the steps below:

Troubleshooting Tips

  1. How to transfer your Azure AD to your new Zoho account?

    If you have multiple Zoho accounts and in case you want to transfer your Azure AD to another account, follow these steps.

  2. You are unable to successfully integrate Azure AD with MDM Cloud.
  3. The users are getting synced successfully using the Zoho Directory Sync tool, but the user list is not reflecting on MDM Cloud.

    The users might have synced from your AD to the Zoho Directory Sync tool, but not between the tool and MDM Cloud. To sync users from the Zoho Directory Sync tool to MDM Cloud, open the MDM Cloud console and go to the Enrollment tab. Click on Active Directory in the left pane. Here, all the added ADs are listed. Now, click on Sync all or Sync only modified for the users to reflect on MDM Cloud. Also, while fetching the data to MDM Cloud, sync issues may occur when invalid / special character entries are used in the user data fields (Example: Having text in the user's phone number field, etc). You can also use the Force Sync option on the Zoho Directory Sync tool to sync users from your AD to the tool.

  4. There is a domain which is already verified, but you are unable to add and verify multiple domains.

    This may occur because the domain which is being added might already be verified in another organization. Hence, the domain must be removed from the old organization before adding and verifying your domain here. By logging in using your old organization's credentials, remove the domain(s). If required, refer the steps to delete an organization in order to remove your old organization.

  5. In the Zoho Directory Sync tool, you encounter the message "General Error", while authorizing Zoho account.

    At times, the system might fail to establish a connection with the server, Zoho Accounts. Follow these steps to resolve this error.

  6. In the Zoho Directory Sync tool, you encounter "ERROR_Invalid_Code" / "other_dc", while authorizing Zoho account.

    This may occur for users setting up the Zoho Directory Sync tool with a European Domain Controller (.eu DC). The Sync tool is not completely compatible with EU DC. In your machine, go to Program Files -> ZOHOCORP -> conf and replace the file, with the one given here.

  7. In the Zoho Directory Sync tool, you encounter the message "Use Administrator Account" while trying to add your AD in MDM Cloud.

    The approval of the administrator is always required for syncing the Zoho Directory Sync tool with your AD.

  8. How do you install the Zoho Directory Sync tool in another machine?

    When you install the Zoho Directory Sync tool for the first time, the directory saves the configuration. You cannot install the sync tool on other machines without removing this existing configuration. To permanently delete the configuration, go to the Settings window in the Sync tool and turn on the Delete Configuration toggle button. Now, you can uninstall the Zoho Directory Sync tool from the old machine and refer to the procedure to install in another machine.

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