ManageEngine® Desktop Central

Desktop administration is a never-ending job. Configuration requests ranging from simple Drive Mapping configuration to software installation keep the administrators on their toes. With increasing requests and a growth in the number of desktop, it becomes more difficult to keep up with escalating demand on limited manpower.

Desktop Central enables configuring and managing desktop from a single point. With the pre-defined configuration options, administrators can perform almost all the regular desktop administration / management activities with ease. The ability to execute custom script gives complete administration control over the desktop. The Web-based user interface allows for applying the configuration to a single or group of desktop using a powerful filtering capability.

Desktop Central ensures that the configurations are applied to the desktop and the status is made available to the administrator to provide an end-to-end configuration experience.

In addition to the remote configuration options, it also provides you with an automated patch management system that helps you to manage and apply Windows patches and hot fixes.

The Inventory Management module provides the hardware and software details of the devices in the network. In enables you to manage the software licenses and detect any unauthorized software that are being used.

Remote Desktop Sharing enables you to gain access to a desktop in the network to be controlled remotely.

Desktop Central provides the complete history of the configurations applied to the users, computers, and by configuration types in the form of reports that can be used for auditing the deployed configurations.

In addition to the configurations reports, it also provides Active Directory reports for Sites, Domains, Organization Units, Groups, Computers, etc., which gives you a complete visibility into the Active Directory.

The User Logon Reports provides an up-to-date user logon details like the logon time, logoff time, logon computer, reported logon server, etc. It maintains the history of the logon details that can be used for auditing purposes.

Mobile Device Management provides system administrators, a complete control over managing the mobile devices using iOS and Android operating system. You can enroll devices and push apps, impose policies & restrictions, scan the devices for hardware and software inventory details.  You can also impose security commands on the devices as and when required.


The following sections will help you to get familiar with the product:

  1. Getting Started: Provides you the details of system requirements, product installation and startup.

  2. Configuring Desktop Central: Helps you to customize our product to suit your working environment.

  3. Windows Configurations: A step-by-step guide to define and deploy configurations to remote Windows users and computers.

  4. Configuration Templates: Provides the details of configuration templates and helps you to define configurations from Templates

  5. Software Installation: Helps you to install Windows software to the users and computers of the domain from remote.

  6. Patch Management: Details the steps involved in managing the Windows Patches and hot fixes. It helps you to automate the patch management process.

  7. Hardware and Software Inventory: Guides you to collect the hardware and software inventory details of your network and view the reports.

  8. Mobile Device Management: Helps you to manage mobile devices using iOS and Android operating system.

  9. Active Directory Reports: Helps you to view the reports of the Active Directory components.

  10. Windows Tools: Provides the list of Windows tools like Preventive Maintenance Tools, Remote Tools, etc., and the steps in using them.

  11. User Logon Reports: Helps you get an up-to-date- details of the user logon and history.

  12. Appendix: This section includes, Interpreting Error Messages, Knowledge Base, FAQs, Known Issues and Limitations of Desktop Central, and Glossary.

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