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The Supported Patches view provides the details of all the patches released by Microsoft Corporation, Apple and third party vendors that are supported by Endpoint Central.

To view the details on Supported Patches, follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. Click the Patch Mgmt tab
  2. In the sidebar click on Patches
  3. Click Supported Patches.

Patches View

You can view the details of the all the patches that are supported by our product.  You can also see the patches that are missing on those systems and deploy them, you can invoke to restart or shutdown the system from the same view. You can also generate reports by selecting specific options from the pre-defined filters provided. You can filter the system details based on computer name, domain name, remote office, custom group, OS, Service Pack, last scan time, last boot time etc,.

This information is retrieved from the Central Patch Repository that resides at the Zoho Corp.'s site periodically.


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