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IIS Website monitoring made easy

Ensuring the availability and health of the various websites hosted on the IIS web server is critical to its users. Applications Manager's IIS website monitoring tool helps you in being proactive to deliver a superior user experience by keeping tabs on the key website stats like availability, response time, bytes and files transferred per second, connection statistics, etc.

IIS website response time

Get notified of IIS uptime and response time irregularities

By monitoring the availability and response time status of the IIS Server, Applications Manager's IIS monitoring tool aids you in detecting performance issues with the server. This, in a way, helps resolve any issue with the website before the end user is affected as server issues may taper the web performance hosted on IIS.

Monitor website load

Monitor the current load on the websites

Applications Manager effectively monitors the bytes and files transferred per second in your website. Tracking if it is beyond the capacity is necessary as this gives a picture of how fast your website is responding.

Comparison of these statistics over a period of time will help to find a trend which in turn aids in facilitating a higher bandwidth to the website.

Connections to website

Connection Statistics

A growing number of connections to website may result in slower operations and your website may hang. Applications Manager lists the number of current connections and helps in narrowing down the issues due to this.

Estimate the anonymous users on your website

anonymous users to website

Estimate the anonymous users on your website

Applications Manager monitors the anonymous/ nonanonymous users per second in your website. A higher number of nonanonymous users can at times be a cause of someone abusing the site. You can get notified when the number of users cross the threshold limit.

By associating the effects of varying numbers of anonymous and nonanonymous users with changes in the other metrics, such as the data transferred, current connections, response time, etc., Applications Manager's website monitoring feature helps you in assuring highly available and faster websites.

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