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ITIL ready

Reduce outages, improve agent productivity, meet SLAs, and manage the complete life cycle of IT tickets. Automate ticket workflows to let your IT technicians focus on other important tasks.

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Showcase your available IT services to end users and give a new face to your IT. Create and publish your service catalog with custom service-level agreements (SLAs) and multi-stage approvals.

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Classify, analyze, and close problems. Analyze root causes and reduce repeat incidents to boost your IT help desk's productivity.

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Streamline planning, approval, and implementation with automated workflows. Eliminate unauthorized and failed changes.

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Track and manage all configuration items and map their relationships and dependencies. Visually analyze the impact of changes and outages for informed decision making.

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Create projects, manage resources, and track progress. Integrate IT projects with requests and changes to fine-tune overall IT service delivery.

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Extend proven ITSM best practices to other business functions beyond IT with the enterprise service desk. Create, and launch unique service desk instances for departments like HR and finance, with their own set of automation, and customizations.

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Empower end users to solve repeat incidents with a knowledge base to deflect tickets from your IT help desk. Narrow your search using keywords and topics.

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Facilitate easy request creation, keep end users informed on ticket progress and approvals with automated notifications, and make company-wide announcements of outages.

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Create SLAs to provide quality services on time to your end users. With ServiceDesk Plus' intuitive SLA management, proactively escalate to four levels of hierarchy to ensure SLAs are met.

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Configure business rules to organize incoming requests (via web form and email) and deliver them to groups, assign their status, and more to simplify your incident workflow.

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Auto-assign tickets based on technician availability with technician auto-assign. Use either the round robin or load balancing method to cover every ticket.

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Alert IT technicians when tickets are created or assigned and keep your end users informed every step of the way with email and SMS notifications. Create templates for email notifications to reduce manual efforts.

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User survey

Gather end-user feedback with the built-in survey. Define your own questions to measure your IT support team's responsiveness.

Generate more than 150 built-in, custom, query, and flash reports pertaining to various IT help desk modules including requests, problems, changes, assets, surveys, contracts, and purchases.

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Take your IT help desk wherever you go with ServiceDesk Plus' iOS and Android apps. Increase your technicians' responsiveness and efficiency by allowing them to manage IT tickets anywhere.

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Manage multiple sites from a single IT help desk tool. Set up custom workflows for each site, enhance collaboration, and gain visibility and control over your long-distance IT.

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Create, edit, or close tickets on the move with predefined email commands. All you have to do is send an email with the appropriate commands the changes will be automatically completed.

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Archive your old, unused data to improve your IT help desk performance. Easily search, access, and export archived data at any time.

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Asset management
IT asset inventory management

Discover and maintain your IT asset inventory with efficient auto-discovery. You can discover IT assets from Windows, Linux, Mac, AIX, and Solaris, as well as printers, routers, switches, and more.

Discover, track, and manage IT hardware and software assets in one place. Optimize asset utilization, avoid vulnerabilities, and ensure license compliance.

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Access systems from the remote network, regardless of location. The agent also helps you connect remotely to take control of a screen in seconds.

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IT asset tracking

Get the IT asset tracking capabilities you need to gain visibility, compliance, and control of your IT assets in a single solution. Stay up to date on asset usage to eliminate errors and optimize software spending.

Manage all aspects of your software assets including purchasing, deployment, maintenance, utilization, and disposal. Identify and eliminate unused software to reduce IT costs.

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Software license management

Identify and eliminate unused licenses, plan future software purchases, and ensure software compliance. Reduce the costs and risks associated with over and under-purchased licenses.

Automate your supplier interactions and IT purchases with full traceability and visibility, maintain master records for various vendors, track purchases from ordering to receipt and invoicing, reduce delays, and cut unnecessary spending.

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Manage contracts with different vendors seamlessly. Track IT hardware and software contracts to improve compliance, associate assets, and receive proactive notifications for contract expirations.

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Integrate system tools with ServiceDesk Plus to manage and troubleshoot systems effectively. Now you can easily monitor, analyze, and manage any number of systems and even perform planned maintenance.

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Native integrations

Effortlessly perform desktop and mobile device management activities, such as patch management, profile management, and remote control, right from ServiceDesk Plus.

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Extend the ticketing capabilities of your IT help desk to include AD user management activities and user password resets.

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Automatically convert network alerts in OpManager to tickets and notify technicians about any network outages or alarms.

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Empower users to perform password resets securely, or unlock accounts without the help of technicians, by integrating with ADSelfService Plus.

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Visually analyze the performance of your service desk using live dashboards or drill-down to specific metrics for data-driven decision making.

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Application Manager Plus

Keep your IT technicians informed of app and server anomalies by converting alerts to tickets in ServiceDesk Plus, with the Applications Manager integration.

Password Manger Pro

Ensure compliance at all times with strict authentication processes while launching secure remote sessions from your service desk, with the Password Manager Pro integration.

Office 365 integrations (Cloud)
Actionable messages

Use the action buttons in your email notifications to act on support tickets from your Outlook or Office 365 mailbox.

Microsoft add-in

Bring your help desk to your Outlook or Office 365 mailbox, and perform help desk activities without even accessing your help desk portal.

Office 365 calendar

Automatically create Office 365 calendar entries from reminders in ServiceDesk Plus, and sync reminders and leave days between ServiceDesk Plus and Microsoft Office 365 calendars. 

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