Firewall rule administration

Firewalls, and more specifically, firewall rules, are the backbone of a robust network security infrastructure. However, firewall rules can be difficult to manage. Security administrators are often so busy with multiple change requests that they neither have the time nor resources to investigate all the implications of a change and implement changes manually. In an enterprise network, there are often multiple firewalls, and most organizations have moved or are moving to the cloud, adding more complexity and increasing challenges for admins. 

Automation plays a key role in managing any rule-based firewall effectively. Enterprise networks need a firewall policy management tool that not only provides visibility into the entire firewall rule set, but also helps understand the repercussions of changes and can push these changes to the respective firewall device.

Manage rules efficiently with Firewall Analyzer

Firewall Analyzer is an intelligent firewall rule management tool that enables network security administrators to automate firewall rule administration. Admins can use this tool to automate the following time-consuming tasks:

1. Adding, modifying, and deleting network and service objects: You can create any network or service object using Firewall Analyzer, and push these new objects to your firewall device. Firewall Analyzer can also fetch the existing set of objects in your firewall, which you can further modify or delete. 

Push service and network objects: Firewall Analyzer

2. Adding, modifying, and deleting firewall rules: Firewall Analyzer fetches rules and configurations from your firewall device using an API or a command line interface (CLI). These rules can be either deleted or modified, or you can create new rules that can be pushed to the respective firewall device.

Administer firewall rules and policies: Firewall Rule Analyzer

3. Analyzing the implications of proposed firewall rule changes: Not only can you add, modify, and delete rules, but you can also review the implications of a proposed change using rule impact analysis, and remove any invalid firewall rules before making them live in your firewall. With rule impact analysis, you can clearly determine if the proposed change is going to negatively impact the existing rule set, and make changes accordingly.

Firewall rule review : Firewall Analyzer

4. Push changes directly to the firewall: All changes made to rules and objects can be seamlessly pushed to your firewall device using an API or CLI.

Firewall rule administration: Firewall policy management

To summarize, the rule administration feature simplifies firewall policy management, helps automate the process of pushing rules to the firewall, and enables security administrators to stick to firewall rule best practices. Download a free trial of Firewall Analyzer today, and get the most out of your firewall.

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