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ManageEngine Firewall Analyzer - Distributed Edition

Firewall Log Analysis Software

Customers voice

"This tool is very useful. If you have only few moment to have a look at your Firewall log, you can rapidly have an idea on whats happening to your network. If you find too much error or log, just few clicks and you can find which source IP is generating some bad traffic into your network. With the complete message, you will rapidly find the source (Virus, Peer2peer, DNS misconfiguration or other parameter). You can also track source and destination IP, find which PC is trying to Bypass the Proxy, to use blocked traffic or application. If you enable the full syslog message (informational level), you can even know the protocol distribution of your traffic, and the summary of the volume by type (Mail, Web, DNS, etc..). In few words, a great product".

Steve Balon,
Integrated Network Solutions

Integrated Network Solutions