Managed firewalls made easy with ManageEngine Firewall Analyzer Enterprise edition

Firewalls act as the guardians of your network and form the core of any network security policy. But with the evolving threat landscape, simply having a firewall isn't enough. Constant firewall management is essential to fortify your defenses against threats. This includes policy management, performance optimization, log analysis, and configuration management, all of which takes a great deal of time, effort, and skill.

Ideally, a team of security specialists should be monitoring your network for threats around the clock. However, building and maintaining an in-house security team can be a significant challenge for many organizations.

By outsourcing your firewall management to a managed security service provider (MSSP), your organization can benefit from reduced costs, 24/7 monitoring, and specialized firewall management teams. Managed firewall service providers use advanced tools like ManageEngine Firewall Analyzer Enterprise edition to simplify and streamline managed firewall operations, ensuring your network's gatekeeper remains vigilant and effective.

Understanding managed firewall services

Managed firewall services involve the administration, monitoring, and maintenance of firewall infrastructure by external experts or internally dedicated IT teams. These services are designed to alleviate the complexities of firewall management, including policy configuration, monitoring, and threat response, which can be resource-intensive and require specialized knowledge.

Challenges of managing firewalls in-house

Organizations face several challenges when managing their firewall systems without the help of an expert team. Here are some of the challenges that can quickly overwhelm any unskilled security team:

  • Complex configuration: Firewalls need to be configured to allow legitimate traffic while blocking malicious or unnecessary traffic. Misconfigurations can lead to vulnerabilities or disrupt legitimate business operations.
  • Continuous monitoring and updates: Firewalls must be continuously monitored and updated to defend against emerging threats. This requires constant vigilance and timely responses to detected anomalies.
  • Compliance requirements: Many industries are governed by regulatory standards that dictate specific firewall management practices. Due to complex requirements and the need to adhere to multiple standards, ensuring compliance without expert help can be daunting.
  • Resource allocation: Maintaining an in-house team for firewall management is often costly and diverts resources from other critical IT functions.

Features of Firewall Analyzer Enterprise edition

With its probe-central architecture, Firewall Analyzer Enterprise edition is tailored to overcome these challenges effectively. Here’s how its features cater to the needs of managed firewall services.

Comprehensive dashboard

The Enterprise edition features a user-friendly, comprehensive dashboard that provides real-time insights into network activity and security events. Administrators can view the health and performance of their firewall devices at a glance, making it easier to detect and respond to issues promptly.


Advanced analytics

This solution harnesses powerful analytics tools to examine firewall logs deeply. It automatically generates detailed reports that help admins understand traffic patterns, user behavior, and potential security threats. They can use these analytics to make informed decisions about network security policies and configurations.


Simplified configuration change and compliance management

Firewall Analyzer performs configuration change management by keeping track of the changes made to firewall configurations. It reduces the risk of unauthorized human error and also drafts detailed compliance change reports. This software also helps ensure that firewall settings adhere to industry regulations like the PCI DSS, HIPAA, SOX, and more with the help of out-of-the-box reports.


Customizable alerts

Real-time alerts keep IT teams proactive rather than reactive. Firewall Analyzer allows teams to set up customizable alerts based on specific events or thresholds. This immediate notification helps them quickly address potential threats before they escalate into serious breaches.


Vendor-neutral support

One of the significant advantages of Firewall Analyzer Enterprise edition is its compatibility with a wide range of firewall vendors. This flexibility enables organizations to integrate the tool seamlessly into their existing environments without the need to replace their vendors.


VPN and traffic monitoring

This solution offers detailed monitoring of VPN connections, which is essential for businesses that rely on remote access. It also provides a granular breakdown of traffic sources, destinations, and protocols, enabling finer control over network traffic.


Take control of your enterprise network security. Try Firewall Analyzer Enterprise edition today!

By addressing the key challenges of managed firewall services through its Enterprise edition, Firewall Analyzer provides the tools needed to enhance your network security posture effectively. This comprehensive management solution simplifies the complexities of firewall administration, ensuring your organization can focus on its core operations while maintaining top-level security. For any organization looking to bolster its firewall management strategy, Firewall Analyzer Enterprise edition is an invaluable solution.

For more information on how Firewall Analyzer Enterprise edition can transform your managed firewall services, visit the Firewall Analyzer page or contact us for a personalized demo.

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