How Lake Health efficiently monitors internet bandwidth utilization & accelerates decision-making using ManageEngine Firewall Analyzer

Firewall Analyzer - Case Study

Institution : Lake Health

Industry : Healthcare

Location : Northeast Ohio, USA

The Customer

Lake Health is a private, not-for-profit leader in community health care in Northeast Ohio. They have been providing progressive, compassionate health care to everyone in and around Lake County since 1902.

The Environment

Lake Health has a comprehensive network that includes 2 main hospitals, 30+ remote offices used by over 600 physicians, 2,700 health care professionals and almost 1,000 volunteers. Lake Health uses WatchGuard ® firewalls to safeguard their IT Network and provide secure internet access to over 2500 employees.

Lake Health's network administration team has the responsibility of installing, troubleshooting, and maintaining their business critical network infrastructure. They also have to ensure connectivity to their vendor support sites.

Key Requirements

Lake Health's network administration team was looking for an easy to implement tool that can:

  • Monitor internet bandwidth utilization and pin-point when inappropriately large downloads occur
  • Monitor internet traffic based on policy and protocol
  • Provide internet usage reports per host which could be delivered to managers
  • Report on attacks, spyware detection, port blocks due to attempted attacks
  • Troubleshoot firewall configuration issues

Key Requirements

  • Monitor internet bandwidth utilization
  • Monitor employee internet traffic
  • Report on virus attacks
  • Troubleshoot firewall configuration issues


ManageEngine Firewall Analyzer


  • Intranet & Internet reports provided granular bandwidth usage information for capacity planning
  • Traffic reports provided detailed information on top external sites that were visited, top host which initiated the conversation, etc.
  • Virus & Attack reports provided details on viruses & attacks identified by the firewall
  • Firewall Change Management reports captures all configuration changes made to the firewall

"Firewall Analyzer is an invaluable tool for us. It has helped us with troubleshooting firewall issues, allowed us to view top hosts and their conversations, allowed us to view the top destinations so that we can report on what the majority of our employees are really doing on the internet."
Sherri Adams,
Network Administrator,Lake Health

The Solution

ManageEngine Firewall Analyzer

Lake Health's network administrators were not too happy with the amount of manual effort that went into getting firewall traffic reports from their WatchGuard firewalls. Their search for an easy-to-use, robust firewall monitoring and comprehensive reporting solution led them to ManageEngine Firewall Analyzer.

Firewall Analyzer supports almost all enterprise firewalls and for Lake Health the clincher was that Firewall Analyzer provides excellent log monitoring and reporting solution for WatchGuard firewall logs. Firewall Analyzer supports both WebTrends Enhanced Log File (WELF) format and native log format of WatchGuard Firebox. Being an agent-less product, deployment of Firewall Analyzer in Lake Health's network was a breeze! And within an hour Lake Health network administrators were getting useful and important insights into their internet bandwidth utilization, top used and unused firewall rules,top attackers, top viruses and worms that have affected the network. This helped Lake Health to proactively optimize their firewall performance and prevent misuse of their network infrastructure.

Key Results

"I use the advanced search option the most for day-to-day troubleshooting when our staff is unable to access a website. 've also used it for troubleshooting connectivity issues to our vendor support sites. I also use the quick reports and custom reporting on a daily basis".
Sherri Adams,
Network Administrator at Lake Health

Sherri recalls few incidents when ManageEngine Firewall Analyzer proved to be a life saver:
"I got a PC which is affected by a virus and with Firewall Analyzer I was able to track the virus and the list of destinations visited by that PC in real time".

"We had a situation where we hadn't set any authentication and people get connected to the Internet by IP address. Some of them assign static IP and associate them with DHCP and gets connected to the internet. They were not supposed to do that. However, with Firewall Analyzer, I was able to track who is doing that and block them".

With the reports that Lake Health obtained from Firewall Analyzer they were able to:

  • Obtain real-time internet bandwidth utilization graphs, with finer details on inbound and outbound traffic flows
  • List the internet sites accessed by their employees
  • Identify internet abuse and excessive internet usage
  • Get notified on anomalies like sudden spike in internet usage
  • Get notified when an employee tries to access restricted sites, like streaming and chat sites
  • Get notified of internet transactions that can cause attacks / virus in their environment
  • Fine-tune firewall rules by comparing current internet usage with historical data archived by Firewall Analyzer
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