How ThyssenKrupp Secured the Network and Controlled Enterprise Bandwidth Hog Using ManageEngine Firewall Analyzer

Institution : ThyssenKrupp

Industry : Engineering

Location : Mumbai, India

The Customer

ThyssenKrupp Industries India Pvt. Ltd. is a Business Unit of ThyssenKrupp Fördertechnik. ThyssenKrupp Fördertechnik is one of the leading suppliers of plants and systems for mining, processing and handling of raw materials and minerals. Activities of the companies' worldwide network of 11 Business units range from planning and projecting, construction, erection and commissioning, right up to an exemplary after-sales service.

The challenges at ThyssenKrupp IT department?

ThyssenKrupp being a global turnkey plant project company has projects under execution around the globe. Since the projects involve various companies in different countries, IT security is of paramount importance to the company. The challenges faced by ThyssenKrupp in the absence of an appropriate tool were:

  • To keep a watch on anomalous events at the Firewall
  • To track the exact activity of the Administrator users on the Firewall
  • To ensure the users do not clog the bandwidth available for critical business activity.

Key Requirements

  • Detect anomalous network events
  • Monitor Administrator/ Privileged User activities on the Firewall
  • Employee internet usage and Bandwidth monitoring


ManageEngine Firewall Analyzer


  • Instant alerts for anomalous network events
  • Real-time notification of Administrator/ Privileged User activities
  • Curtailed internet misuse and optimized bandwidth for critical business activities

Harshwardhan Kamdi, Senior Engineer – IT at ThyssenKrupp explains the challenge as "The anomalous behavior in our network and the details of admin related activities on our firewall went un-noticed. This was a real challenge to us to track what a network user is doing on our firewall". Further he went on to add,"We want to prevent the huge personal bandwidth usage causing business disruption".

The solution offered by ManageEngine to meet the challenges?

ManageEngine provides the much-needed solution, Firewall Analyzer, which precisely addresses the IT security challenges faced at the ThyssenKrupp. It notifies anomalous event alerts in real time to be update with the network security situation. It provides exhaustive admin reports, which can be drilled down to find out the exact commands executed by the Administrator users on the Firewall. This is of immense help to find out who did what and when to the Firewall. One incident that led to appreciate the value of deploying the Firewall Analyzer was to pick the user who clogged the bandwidth with an FTP upload activity. The alert generated for the activity has helped the Administrator to intervene in time and stop the activity. This has prevented the business disruption due to paucity of Internet bandwidth.

Harshwardhan Kamdi, explains how an effective Firewall log analysis tool, "Firewall Analyzer, helps to secure the network and manage the bandwidth, Firewall Analyzer helps me to get notified of any anomalous behavior in my network, and the details of admin related activities on my firewall. It is a great help for me to know the list of commands executed by a us".

Key Results

On deploying Firewall Analyzer, ThyssenKrupp reaped critical IT security benefits. One benefit is, deeper insight into the user activity violations. The company's IT department can monitor the undesirable Administrator user activities on the Firewalls. With complete details about the activities, they can formulate and implement stricter policies to keep the Firewall settings undisturbed. The other benefit is, control of bandwidth utilization. They get alerted in real-time about the internet activity of users, which consumes huge bandwidth. With exact user and activity information in hand, they can intervene to prevent the bandwidth misuse instantly.

To summarize Harshwardhan Kamdi, Senior Engineer– IT at ThyssenKrupp asserts that,"Firewall Analyzer's offering, of alerts and the customizable reports, is a great thing. The automation in each and every aspect saves our time and lets us to focus on other aspects of security". He further added, "I find your product every where when it comes to firewall logs management tool. This paved my intention to test the product and it proved to be a strong solution".

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