Firewall Analyzer - Firewall Credentials - How to

1. How to view latest firewall configuration changes?

  1. Click Fetch Configuration Now icon available in Config Changes column.
  2. You will get difference between the new and existing configuration.
  3. This difference will refelect in Change Management report.

2. How to export the firewall configuration as file?

  1. Click "Export Config to File icon available in On Demand column of Device Rule page.
  2. The FirewallName_Configuration.txt file will be exported to <OPMANAGER_HOME>/server/configData/<Device_Rule_id> location.  

3. How to generate on demand reports for Virtual Firewalls?

  • Click the link available with virutal firewalls count under Virtual FWs column. You can see all virutal firewalls details with respective on demand option.

4. How to Use Device Groups in the Rule Administration and Risk Analysis features?

To utilize device groups in the Rule Administration and Risk Analysis features, follow these steps:    

  1. Access the device group creation/updation page.
  2. While creating or updating the device group, ensure to select the 'Use this group in Rule Administration and Risk Analysis' option.
  3. It is important to note that in order to select this option, all the devices within the group must be of the same vendor type. Make sure there is consistency in device types when creating or updating the device group.
  4. Once the option is selected and the device group is saved, it will be applicable for use in both the Rule Administration and Risk Analysis features.



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