Firewall Analyzer - Rule Comparison Report - How To

1. Why do we need rule comparison feature?

Rule comparison feature helps to compare the rule sets between two configuration files or between two running config versions and helps to identify the rules that are added, deleted, modified. It also helps to identify which rule field is modified in that particular rule.

2. What is the expected configuration format for each vendor?

  • Cisco, Firepower, FortiGate, HUAWEI, Netfilter, Vyatta -  text format configuration.
  • PaloAlto, WatchGuard, pfSense, Sophos XG, Stormshield - xml format configuration.
  • Juniper SRX log format, Netscreen Native -  set format configuration.
  • SonicWall -  encoded configuration in .exp file or text format configuration.
  • Sophos, Check Point - json format configuration.

3. Will I be able to compare between two change configuration versions that are available in 'Change Management'?

Yes, you can compare between change config versions by choosing the option 'Between Running Config Versions'. Choose any two config versions and compare the rule sets.

4. Why comparing two config versions or config files results in 'Both the files selected for viewing diff are the same'?

Rule comparison report will show the comparison result only if there is any changes available between the firewall rule sets. The other configuration changes that are not related to firewall rules are not taken into account. If same set of rule sets exists in both the files, Firewall Analyzer results in 'Both the files selected for viewing diff are the same'.


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