Firewall Analyzer - Imported Logs - How to

1. How to import log files of a directory?

  1. You can import directory from Local Host and Remote Host.
  2. In local host import, choose Directory option and provide the complete path of directory.
  3. In remote host import, choose Directory when browse file action.
  4. Provide the required inputs and click Import to import the log files.
  5. This will import the files one by one from the given folder location.

2. How to stop/start a schedule import?

  1. In Imported Logs page, you can see Action column.
  2. If value is enabled, click Enabled to stop the schedule.
  3. If value is disabled, click Disabled to start the schedule.   

3. How to schedule import log from a local host periodically?

Schedule option will appear only when the Firewall Analyzer client is invoked from the server machine itself.

  1. Choose Schedule option in Local Host import.
  2. Enter complete path of the log file location with file name.
  3. Enter the Time Interval (scheduling time in minutes) after which Firewall Analyzer should import new log files subsequent to the first import. When schedule import time interval is entered, Start at: _ Hrs _ Mins field appears. Enter the time of the day at which the log import should be started first.
  4. Select the Change filename dynamically option, if you want to import the log files which change their names dynamically.
  5. Enter the pattern name in the Pattern Name filed. Select the date and/or time file name pattern from the Filename pattern drop down list or add a new pattern using the add icon.
  6. Click Import to import the log file.




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