Firewall Analyzer - Reports - FAQ

1. Is it possible to view only the required reports in the canned reports under Firewall Reports?

Yes. You can select the required device(s) and reports by following the procedure in the Settings > System > Customize Report link, to view only the required reports.

2. Why Traffic data in bytes are shown as 0 MB? How to see traffic transaction details less than MB?

Bytes values shown in all reports are in MB. In case of low traffic value (i.e., less than 1 MB), it will be shown as 0 MB in Graphs & Tables. You can get full conversation data with exact byte value received by application in the Raw Search result report.

3. What do you mean by Trend Reports in Firewall Analyzer?

It is the average of data on that specific hour/day from the minute Firewall Analyzer is installed and running.


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