Firewall Analyzer - Rule Cleanup - FAQ

1. What is 'Unused Rules' report?

Unused rules shows the firewall rules that were not triggered. Firewall Analyzer will find the unused rules from fetched rule details and triggered rules retrieved from syslogs. Using this report, you can purge the firewall rules that were not triggered.

2. What are 'Unused - Objects, Interfaces'?

The objects and interfaces which are defined in firewall configurations and never used by any of the rules/policies will be shown in Unused - Objects, Interfaces. You can use this report, to purge the unused objects and Interfaces from firewall configuartion.

3. All the rules are showing as unused rules. Why?

Unused rules are identified based on the rules present in syslogs.

  1. Check whether firewall is sending syslogs to Firewall Analyzer.
  2. If Firewall Analyzer is receiving syslogs, check whether the rules are shown under Used Rules page. If not, send us the syslogs from <Firewall Analyzer Home>/server/default/archive/<Firewall Name or IP adderss>\hot folder to



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