Firewall Analyzer - SNMP Settings - FAQ

1. What are the reports generated based on SNMP settings?

  • The Live Reports and Interface Live Reports under Inventory > Interfaces drilldown are populated with SNMP data. Once the SNMP settings is done for Live Reports, we skip the syslog data and use SNMP data for Live Reports. To switch to syslog option either disable or delete the SNMP settings.
  • Active VPN Users are taken from SNMP data. This Report will be available in Dashboard > VPN and Inventory > Devices > VPN. As of now, this is supported for Fortigate and Cisco firewalls.
  • You can also create bandwitdh alert for Interfaces once you configure SNMP settings. Alert will be triggerd when bandwidth exceeds the configured threshold.

2. How to include my firewall's MIB in Firewall Analyzer?

  • You need not add firewall MIB in Firewall Analyzer. Firewall Analyzer has in-built RFC1213 MIB. By default Firewall Analyzer supports all firewalls which supports RFC1213 MIB.
  • If your firewall don't have  RFC1213 MIB, mail us the details to
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