Distribution List Reports

Exchange Reporter Plus offers an extensive set of reports that covers the length and breadth of the organisation’s distribution list. It returns the distribution list along with the details of the members; identifies the inactive distribution lists and gives an exclusive report on the distribution list traffic.

Distribution List General Reports

In this category, there are three reports which tell us all about the distribution lists in the organization, their members, and also shed some light on inactive distribution lists:

  • Distribution Lists
  • Distribution List Members
  • Inactive Distribution Lists

Distribution Lists:

This report lists out all the distribution groups (mailing lists) available in an Exchange infrastructure with the following information:

  • Distribution Group Name
  • Group Type
  • Group Scope
  • Total number of members in the group
  • Email address of the group
  • Owner of the distribution list
  • By whom the group is managed

Unique Benefit of this report:

Besides mentioning the number of members in a distribution group, this distribution list report also reveals the group type and group scope. Most importantly, it tells who the owner of a group is and who really manages the group (the owner need not necessarily be the manager of a distribution list). Additionally, it provides the distinguished name of the group manager.

Distribution List Members:

As soon as this report is clicked, it presents you with all the distribution lists available in your Exchange organization. Choose a distribution group and view all its members.

  • Member name
  • Email address of the member
  • Type: This field informs you whether a user is e-mail enabled, or mailbox enabled, or contact, etc.

Not just name and e-mail address of a distribution group member, this report also specifies the type of the member. This report is like a watchtower, where the administrator gets a view of all the necessary information and can monitor the members of a distribution list.

Inactive Distribution Lists:

With Inactive Distribution List reports, one can trace out distribution lists that have been inactive in terms of emails transactions for a customizable specified time.

Any activity/modification that the distribution list membership tool performs on the distribution list template can be viewed with the help of this report. The Distribution List reports display data for Exchange server versions 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013 and 2016. One can also export the reports to a desired destination folder or even email the same in formats like CSV, PDF (Adobe Acrobat), XLS (Excel) and HTML.

To identify busy distribution lists, check out Exchange Reporter Plus' Distribution List Traffic reports.

Do you use Active Directory?  ManageEngine ADManager Plus also helps you report on distribution lists.

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