Dell Server Monitoring

Dell Severs are preferred by many organizations worldwide owing to their accelerated performance, enhanced automation and simplified management. Many organizations place their business critical applications and functions in Dell Servers and hence, efficient Dell Server management is a key to business success.

OpManager - the simplified DELL server management solution

  • ManageEngine OpManager is a complete end to end monitoring tool which provides powerful monitoring Capabilities that will allow you to monitor the DELL Servers in your network with least effort and maximum efficiency.
  • OpManager supports both conventional Dell Poweredge Servers as well as the idrac servers. It uses SNMP protocol to monitor your DELL Servers.
  • OpManager comes preequipped with powerful monitors specifically for monitoring DELL Servers.You can leverage the capabilities of these monitors along with the ability to setup multiple thresholds, custom notifications & sys log based alerts and traps to monitor your DELL Servers most effectively.

Dell Server Monitoring & Management Software - ManageEngine OpManager

 How OpManager helps in monitoring the critical performance metrics of you DELL Servers:

DELL Server health monitoring:

Server health is the most important parameter that you must watch out for in your DELL Servers. Degradation of server health is the first sign of problems in your network. Leverage the power of  detailed reports and highly customizable dashboards to monitor the overall health of all your DELL servers. You can check for availability via periodic polling to increase the efficiency of your monitoring. Apart from monitoring DELL servers, you can also monitor the performance of linux servers using a linux network monitor like OpManager.

DELL Server capacity and resource utilization monitoring

Monitoring your server utilization and getting alerted well in advance can go a long way in ensuring that your DELL Servers operate at their maximum efficiency. Monitor the server resource utilization, disk utilization, memory utilization of your DELL Poweredge & idrac servers by setting multiple thresholds to get alerted well in advance before things go wrong.

Remote troubleshooting

Remotely troubleshoot the problems in your DELL Servers using Workflows. You can leverage the power of automation by using workflows to perform tasks like putting your DELL Servers on maintanace, performing routine health checks, running remote tasks and so on.

Reduce DELL Server downtimes

The ultimate goal of DELL Server monitoring is to keep track of  server health and thereby reduce server downtime.You can use the data from syslogs & traps to set alerts in OpManager and get alerted at the slightest hint of potential trouble. This can save your DELL Servers from running into potential downtimes and will help in ensuring business continuity.

Available virtual memory size

Monitor the consumption of the virtual memories of your DELL Servers. Get detailed stats on available and used virtual memory for your servers.

Monitor Input Voltage & Output Power Supply

Monitor the input voltage & output power supply of your DELL Servers. Set multiple thresholds, notifications & alarms to detect issues in power supply which might lead to server faults.

Available Physical Memory and PageFile Memory Size

Monitor In-depth the utilization of your DELL Server's physical memory and page file memory. Get detailed analytics on memory usage on the dashboard as well as in the form of customized reports.

DELL server temperature monitor

Monitor the live temperature of your DELL Servers using CPU temperature monitor of OpManager. Get alerted if the temperature crosses a predefined threshold limit. Prevent your servers from going down due to heating issues.

Need more DELL Server monitoring features? Tell Us

If you want to see additional DELL Server monitoring features implemented in ManageEngine OpManager, we would definitely love to hear from you. Click here to continue. Also, don't forget to checkout OpManager's server monitoring capabilities.

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