Many networks across business verticals use IBM devices. IBM's share of 23 percent of HTTP server domains paints a clear picture of the company's stature in the marketplace. A substantial amount of business-critical functions depend on the availability and up time of services on IBM servers, IBM storage utilization, and the smooth functioning of other IBM network devices.

Outages and unanticipated downtime of IBM devices could severely cripple operations and impact revenue profoundly. Making IBM Management a part of your routine and incorporating a dedicated, real-time IBM Monitoring tool could help you avoid operational disasters.

Roadblocks encountered in the absence of IBM Monitoring

IBM appliances, or any other appliances for that matter, are susceptible to performance degradation from both external and internal factors; they will malfunction at some point. Without IBM Network Monitoring, predicting anomalies and measuring the extent of damage is difficult.

Obstacles faced without IBM performance monitoring tools in place:

  • Server crash: IBM server crashes leading to the disruption of applications and the services running on them.
  • Response delay: Increased response times due to exceeding IBM's recommended storage capacity, and inefficient storage space resulting from miscalculated storage forecasting.
  • Service interruption: Disruption of IT operations caused by network device failures, such as IBM switches, routers, and firewalls.
  • Security breach: Nework security breaches that pave the way for data misappropriations.

OpManager's out-of-the-box IBM monitoring tool to the rescue

ManageEngine OpManager is a comprehensive IT infrastructure monitoring solution that enables you to easily monitor servers, switches, routers and a plethora of other network devices. ‌With more than 39,000 vendor templates and over 9,500 device templates out of the box, OpManager controls hundreds to thousands of network devices effortlessly. OpManager's IBM performance monitor lets you track availability and proactively monitor performance to reduce bottlenecks in your IBM IT infrastructure.

With OpManager's IBM Monitoring, you can:

Devices monitoring: On-premises IBM network monitoring

Real-time IBM server monitoring

With OpManager's IBM Server Management software, you can oversee crucial IBM server performance metrics by associating complimentary performance monitors.

Using OpManager's IBM Server Management, you can configure appropriate multi-level thresholds for your performance monitors, monitor for violations, and broadcast alerts through email, SMS, and Slack.

Models of IBM servers supported by OpManager:

IBM server models
  • IBM X
  • IBM Bladcenter H series
  • IBM Bladecenter Management Module
  • IBM Oce digital copier
  • IBM zSeries


  • IBM Monitoring Tool - ManageEngine OpManager
  • IBM Server Monitoring - ManageEngine OpManager
  • IBM Network Monitoring - ManageEngine OpManager

OpManager's IBM server monitoring software tracks vital IBM server performance metrics including CPU/memory/disk utilization, processor queue length, free physical memory, and disk I/O using the CLI protocol. OpManager's IBM Server Monitoring also gives you the flexibility to create custom monitors. You can also monitor the performance of linux servers in your network using a linux network monitor like the OpManager.

IBM switch and router performance monitoring

With OpManager's effective IBM network performance monitoring, you can monitor on-premises network devices such as switches, routers, and load balancers. OpManager helps you determine the performance and health of your switches and routers by measuring the following performance metrics:

  • Memory utilization
  • CPU utilization
  • Temperature and voltage
  • Errors and discards
  • CRC errors
  • Collisions
  • Buffer statistics (hits, misses, and failures)

OpManager's IBM Performance Monitoring ensures robust functioning of your IBM devices without disruptions and ensures that your IT operations proceed as planned.

IBM firewall availability monitoring 

Firewalls are the first line of defense for any IT asset from perpetrators. Neglecting firewall monitoring could have dire consequences such as data theft and unauthorized access into your private networks. With OpManager's IBM Monitoring, you can monitor the availability of your IBM firewall by tracking key performance metrics.

Storage: Precise IBM storage capacity planning and forecasting

With OpManager's IBM monitoring , you can monitor your IBM raid, tape library, and flash storage devices. Plus, you can monitor vital storage performance metrics such as latency, throughput, and IOPS to stay abreast of your storage's performance to stay proactive and thwart impending bottlenecks.

Workflows: Automate mundane IBM monitoring tasks 

With OpManager's workflow automation engine, you can automate redundant IBM server maintenance and fault management tasks to improve the efficiency of monitoring. With it's intuitive interface, OpManager's IBM performance monitoring tool helps you automate your repetitive tasks with a simple drag and drop process.

  • IBM Server Management - ManageEngine OpManager

Reports: For seamless visualization of IBM monitoring data 

Obtain graph and tab representation of data using OpManager's IBM monitoring tool for seamless data visualization. With the reports feature, you can delve deeper into data, obtain better insights, and derive better inferences from the historical and current trends. Drill down into data to analyze the root cause of a problem using OpManager's visualization feature. Also, schedule these reports in various formats, such as PDF, CSV, and XLS.

  • IBM Management - ManageEngine OpManager
  • IBM Performance Monitoring - ManageEngine OpManager
  • IBM Server Monitoring Tools - ManageEngine OpManager

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