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ManageEngine OpManager: All-inclusive LAN software

OpManager is a comprehensive LAN manager software that proactively monitors networking devices in your LAN. With OpManager, you can oversee network configurations, examine firewall logs, troubleshoot network issues, and analyze network traffic—all from a unified console. OpManager can be tailored to meet your LAN network management needs as it enables you to monitor 10 devices to 30,000 devices, and multiple LANs all out of the box.

LAN management tool for network operation

Every organization's approach towards business operations is unique, and so is its network infrastructure. Since LANs are becoming more intricate than ever with new computing technologies such as hyper converged infrastructure, LAN management should also be.

What organizations really need are tailored LAN management solutions that can be fully customized to suit their needs, from time to time. An internal administration team utilizing a versatile and robust LAN management software is better aligned with an organization's goal than a generic service from a LAN management provider that oversees hundreds of other LANs concurrently. This is why dedicated LAN management systems or infrastructure management systems are preferred.

Only with a comprehensive LAN management system like OpManager can these vital needs be addressed, as it provides critical insights for multiple aspects of a LAN, including LAN device performance, LAN traffic analysis, LAN configuration, and firewall management.

LAN inventory management

OpManager maintains an inventory of all devices and interfaces in your LAN, and collects information such as IP address, DNS name, vendor, OS version, system description, monitoring protocol, device health, traffic counter, and more. OpManager automatically discovers the devices in your LAN and updates the LAN inventory at specified intervals. You can also sort LAN devices by Discovered Time which helps you keep tabs on devices connected to your LAN, and quickly discover unauthorized access to your LAN.

Monitoring LAN health and performance

The health of a LAN essentially comes down to the health of its networking hardware. With OpManager, you can monitor network devices such as switches, routers, servers, virtual environments, firewalls, printers, and storage devices. OpManager provides critical insights through more than 2,000 performance metrics that help you identify network device performance degradation before services are impacted. Additionally, OpManager monitors LAN technology such as Ethernet and 230 different interface types. It also monitors wireless devices in your LAN such as access points, wireless routers, switches, and more, making Wireless LAN management (WLAN management) simple and complete.

LAN configuration management

A major threat to the stability of the LAN is a lack of details about configurations, since configurations ensure network devices function properly. OpManager allows you to backup the existing LAN configurations, and track the who, when, and what of configuration changes in real time. With OpManager, you can also approve, restore, and automate your LAN configuration changes making LAN management super simple and time-saving.

Prevent attacks on your LAN

  • Firewall monitoring and management

A firewall protects your LAN infrastructure by blocking trojans, spyware, and other malicious programs, and is governed by specific firewall rules and policies. With OpManager, you can monitor firewall rules, manage firewall policies, and track firewall logs to improve your LAN security.

LAN Configuration Management Tool - ManageEngine OpManager

  • VPN monitoring

Organizations allow connections into their LANs through VPNs for a remote workforce. These connections can sometimes be compromised, resulting in data theft or network attacks. With OpManager, you can monitor your VPN by tracking the number of active VPN sessions, VPN tunnel status, and VPN tunnels count in real time, and also receive instant alerts on VPN connection regularities making your local area network secure and keeping your remote productivity issues at bay.

Simplifying LAN management with OpManager

From monitoring numerous devices from multiple vendors, to managing LAN faults and troubleshooting performance hiccups, the process of LAN management is complex. Apart from providing top-tier integrated tools for LAN network management, OpManager simplifies LAN management with at-a-glance dashboards, intuitive UI, and more than 100 prebuilt reports.

  • Scalability: OpManager scales with your business needs. With OpManager, you can monitor 30 devices, 300 devices, or even 30,000 devices based on your requirements. You can also monitor multiple remote LANs with OpManager from a single, unified console.

  • Support for multiple vendors: OpManager offers support for more than 53,000 vendor templates, so you can efficiently manage your LAN devices from vendors such as Cisco, Juniper, Fortigate, and many more. These templates can also be customized to address your organization's unique needs.

  • Support for wide range of protocols: OpManager supports communication protocols such as ICMP, and LAN management protocols such as SNMP, WMI, CLI and more.

  • Prioritizing LAN faults: You can set multiple thresholds for performance metrics with different color codes. This enables you to detect and prioritize LAN faults easily.

  • Segmenting LAN devices: With OpManager's Business Views, you can segment and monitor critical departments in your LAN. Business Views can be created for critical business servers and services which help you pinpoint LAN faults and deliver unmatched services free from disruptions.

  • Advanced LAN fault notification: In addition to providing LAN fault alerts in real time to the users, OpManager can notify a higher authority if they are not addressed promptly. LAN faults can be notified via email, SMS, Slack channels, trouble tickets, and more within OpManager.

  • Intelligent automation: OpManager's Workflow helps the user automate tasks by defining the conditions, as well as selecting the devices and commands. With over 70 workflow actions, users can automatically restart, resume, or stop services and servers, execute configuration templates, and push configurations based on pre-defined rules.

  • Discovery Rule Engine: Discovery Rule Engine automatically associates device templates and rules to LAN devices as defined by the user, thereby automating routine tasks, and saving valuable time and resources.

  • In-built troubleshooting tools: OpManager offers multiple LAN tools such as Ping, SNMP Ping, Proxy Ping, Traceroute, WMI Query Tool, CLI Query Tool, and more tools that aid in troubleshooting LAN faults within OpManager.

Download OpManager now to ensure your organization has a reliable LAN management strategy is in place. You can also schedule a personalized demo to see how OpManager meets your LAN monitoring and management requirements.


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