Make your work easy!

Extend the scope of OpManager by integrating with other ManageEngine applications and tons of 3rd party tools. Make your IT strategy holistic, smart, and simple with integrations of your choice.

  • Analyze network congestion and find out who/what is consuming the bandwidth. Monitor bandwidth usage by Top N users, Top N applications, Top N devices with flow technologies such as NetFlow, J-Flow, IPFIX, NetStream, and AppFlow.

  • Track the who, when, and what of network configurations in real-time and ensure your network devices function in a desired state.

  • Protect your network from Trojans, malware by monitoring firewall logs, analyzing policy effectiveness, and managing firewall rules for increased network security.

  • Manage your IP space effectively by continuous tracking. Find the available switch ports in real time by mapping occupied ports to corresponding devices. Simplify operations management task with many more troubleshooting tools.

  • With support for over 100 popular technologies across cloud applications, containers, application servers, databases, Applications Manager (Plug-in) proactively monitors business applications and ensures revenue-critical applications meet end user expectations.

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