SNMP Trap Processing

A comprehensive and scalable SNMP Trap processing solution for enterprises

SNMP trap is one of the industry's most used passive monitoring techniques. It helps Network Management System (NMS) such as OpManager to know any performance deviation and device health related hiccups, if it happens between two polls.

OpManager provides a robust rule-based trap processing engine that supports handling around 300 SNMP traps per second.

Here are a few highlights on OpManager SNMP trap processing functionality

Get granular control over SNMP traps at Varbind level

Skimming through loads of SNMP traps adds too much stress to everyday IT operations. With OpManager SNMP trap processing, you can set alerts for a specific SNMP trap even at Varbind level and filter out unwanted SNMP trap based alerts.

Get granular control over SNMP traps at Varbind level

Create SNMP trap processors easily

OpManager lets you create SNMP trap processors with ease. You can either import SNMP Traps directly from the SNMP MIB file or create the processor from the unsolicited traps under Alarms view. When no trap processors are created, OpManager by default detects the trap from a managed device and lists them under "Unsolicited traps". Only processed traps are listed as events in OpManager.

Create SNMP trap processors easily

Troubleshoot trap queries in real-time using SNMP trap Viewer

SNMP Trap Viewer acts as a powerful utility that helps in troubleshooting all SNMP Trap related monitoring issues. It lets you view all the incoming traps in real-time irrespective of whether the device is managed in OpManager or not. In addition, it enables you to load MIBs and perform SNMP related operations like GET, GET-NEXT, GET-BULK, and SET.

Troubleshoot trap queries in real-time using SNMP trap Viewer

Forward traps to other NMS platforms

Now with SNMP trap forwarding, you can forward the traps received in OpManager to any other Network Management System (NMS) viz. HP OpenView, IBM Netcool and more. Just provide the Server Name or IP address and the trap listening port number of the NMS to which traps must be forwarded. OpManager forwards every trap instantaneously.

Forward traps to other NMS platforms*

Get insightful reports on processed SNMP traps

You can get SNMP trap reports from OpManager giving you a comprehensive report on all the processed SNMP Traps. This SNMP trap report can be customized and scheduled to be received on a periodic basis or on any specific days in a week.

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