SAN Monitoring

Storage Area Network (SAN)

From hosting applications to serving large multimedia, organizations are counting on their IT infrastructure to deliver unmatched end-user experience. To provide such exceptional experiences, the application availability and the performance have to be greatly enhanced. A storage area network (SAN) is employed exactly to tackle these challenges, out of many others, as the application performance is directly linked to storage latency.

A SAN is a dedicated, high speed network, containing pools of storage devices, providing block-level storage. A SAN is separated from a LAN (sometimes through virtualization), so administrative traffic does not interfere with business services. SAN is essential to an enterprise network as it:

  • Consolidates storage devices making management relatively easy
  • Utilizes storage devices effectively by pooling them
  • Enhances performance by reducing storage latency
  • Improves application availability through redundancy
  • Simplifies data backup (without server interaction)
  • Supports multiple storage device types such as Tape Libraries, RAIDs, and more

Just like any other networking infrastructure, it is crucial to monitor the SAN for its availability, health and performance to ensure disruption-free services 24/7 with a feature-rich SAN monitoring tool. SAN performance monitoring tools should effectively monitor various aspects of a SAN including storage devices such as RAIDs, Tape Libraries, etc. from multiple vendors and SAN switches.

ManageEngine OpManager - SAN Monitor

OpManager is a SAN monitoring software that monitors storage devices such as Tape Libraries, RAIDs, and SAN switches. It provides dedicated SAN performance monitors for storage devices and SAN switches. OpManager supports a wide range of storage devices from multiple vendors and offers predefined storage device templates making SAN monitoring effortless.

SAN inventory and SAN dashboard

OpManager maintains an inventory of all storage devices in your SAN, and collects information such as IP address, DNS name, vendor, device type, category, device status, and more. OpManager automatically discovers the storage devices in your SAN and updates the SAN inventory at predefined intervals. SAN dashboard provides an overview of the SAN health and performance. The dashboard provides an overview of your SAN pinpointing devices that need immediate attention. This helps in centralized SAN management.

SAN performance monitoring in real time

Application performance is directly linked to the storage latency, so it is crucial to monitor the performance of your SAN. The collective health of your storage devices indicates the health of your storage area network. With SAN performance monitors such as latency monitor, traffic monitor, utilization monitor, throughput monitor, storage array capacity monitor, and many more, you can receive alerts on storage device performance in real time. With OpManager, a best storage monitoring tool, you can monitor SAN performance with up to 1 minute granularity. Protocols supported by OpManager for monitoring storage devices include:

  • SNMP
  • CLI
  • StorageAPI
  • SMI-S Protocol

SAN fault management

OpManager instantly alerts on hardware/software faults such as fan failure, battery failure, power supply failure, drive failure, and more. OpManager provides instant alerts on SAN component faults and also generates Trap alarms. Additionally, these SAN faults can be notified via emails, SMS, Slack channels, and more. They can be automatically escalated to a higher authority based on user-defined rules.

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Storage Forecasting and Storage Reports

OpManager offers advanced ML-based storage forecasting which helps you predict the storage requirements for your organization. You can forecast the storage capacity by growth trend and utilization, and set thresholds for receiving alerts on storage capacity. Reports can be generated for many parameters such as Storage Summary, RAID Latency, Growth Trend, RAID IOPS, RAID Capacity Utilization, and many more. This lets you make effective and timely storage purchase decisions for your organization's future needs.

SAN components supported by OpManager

Apart from monitoring your SAN, OpManager monitors your LAN and networking devices such as routers, firewalls, physical and virtual servers, interfaces, Nutanix infrastructure for faults and performance. With OpManager, you can also monitor network traffic and firewall logs, manage network configurations and switch ports - all in a unified console.

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