LAN Monitoring

LAN is more complex to monitor when compared to a WAN. A typical LAN comprises of devices of various types such as router, switch, AP, servers, printers. Each of these devices need to monitored at varied intervals and the performance metrics that need to be monitored also varies. The complexity in monitoring them doubles further if the fact that each of these devices are manufactured by multiple vendors is taken into account. Further some enterprises need visibility into the subnet level.

It is for this reason that  OpManager comes pre-equipped with a set of powerful and robust LAN monitoring features. With these features, OpManager not only helps you in ensuring continuous availability of your LANs but also provides you an in-depth analysis of the performance of your LAN networks. 

OpManager - A Powerful and intuitive tool for LAN monitoring

OpManager's LAN monitoring capabilities include the following:

  • LAN health monitoring
  • Subnet monitoring
  • LAN performance monitoring and fault management

LAN health monitoring 

Ensure high availability of your LAN with the help of powerful monitors

  • OpManager comes with a wide variety of health and performance monitors that can be used to monitor and manage the availability of the different types of devices in your LAN network. 
  • These monitors can be used to measure a wide variety of performance parameters for various network devices including availability, response time, packet loss, temperature, fan speed, RTT and much more...
  • Each monitor is equipped with powerful reports that give you a deep dive into the performance and health stats of the devices in your LAN.

To know more about how OpManager's powerful availability monitoring features can enhance your LAN monitoring, click here.

Visualize your LAN for better monitoring 

LAN monitoring visualization
OpManager comes with a host of network visualization and network diagram tools which you can use to visualize your LAN in real-time. These network diagrams range from Layer2Maps - which provides a visual representation of your LAN topology to business views and floor views. 

You can read more about the various network diagram tools in OpManager here

The network diagrams help you to gain an in-depth understanding of your LANs and also provides you a visual interface which you can use to monitor and manage your LANs more effectively. 

Catch network problems well in advance using multiple thresholds

OpManager re-defines LAN fault monitoring by enabling you to set multiple thresholds. With the multiple thresholds feature, you can get alerted when the parameters that are being monitored cross a pre-defined limit. The alerts are classified into 3 levels - Attention, trouble & critical. When the parameters that are being monitored cross the value defined for each of these alert levels, an alert notification will be triggered through either the web console / email / SMS / phone.

You can read more about multiple thresholds here.

LAN subnet montioring  - efficently monitor the subnets in your LAN

LAN monitoring subnets
OpManger allows you to classify the devices in your LANs based on their subnets. The devices, once categorized, are available under their corresponding subnets under the subnets tab in the inventory

Classsifying devices based on their subnets provides you greater flexibility in monitoring and managing the devices in your LAN. Once a LAN device is grouped into a particular subnet, you can click on the subnet and do the following :

  • View detailed information about all the devices under a subnet including their status and number of connected interfaces.
  • Want to view more details about a device in a subnet ? Just click on the device and you will be taken to the it's device snapshot page.
  • Manage the devices under a subnet, generate reports for a specific set of devices under a subnet, change monitoring intervals , associate devices templates and credentials to either individual devices or a group of devices under a particular subnet - all from a single screen.
  • No need to classify devices into subnets manually - just specify the netmask during device discovery and OpManager will automatically do the classification.

LAN performance & fault management - Effectively mitigate faults and resolve issues in your LAN

Get instant alerts for faults in your LAN 

OpManager supports notifications via email , console, sms, android, iPhone & iPad. This ensures that you are alerted in the very instant your LAN runs into any issues. The notification profiles in OpManager are easy to setup and helps you in taking timely actions to resolve the faults in your LAN.

For more information on Alerts in OpManager, click here.

Track and resolve issues better using the integration with popular helpdesk tools

LAN monitoring visualization
OpManager provides easy to setup integrations with popular helpdesk tools like ServiceDesk Plus and Service Now, making it easier for you to track and resolve faults in your LANs. 

The whole integration process is seamless and takes only a few minutes to setup. These integrations help in improving the overall efficiency with which you resolve faults in your LANs. 

Use workflows to automate repeated LAN management and maintenance tasks

LAN monitoring visualization
Automation is disrupting every industry - so we decided to bring it to manage your LANs too. With the workflow feature, you can automate some of the most commonly performed LAN monitoring and maintenance, including tasks like running custom windows / linux scripts, performing bulk monitoring and maintenance tasks , scheduling downtime for maintenance and much more.

You can read more about OpManager's IT automation features here.

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