Agentless Network Monitoring

The debate between Agent based and Agentless monitoring is one that has been happening for long in the network management industry. However, most companies prefer Agentless performance monitoring since it takes the upper hand through the following advantages:

  • Reduced deployment time – Since there are no agents involved, only the monitoring server needs to be configured and hence, deploying an Agentless network monitoring solution, a tool which is hassle free process. you can get the network monitoring infrastructure running in no time without going to through complex setup processes.
  • Reduced Management Overhead – The absence of agents makes the network monitoring infrastructure easier to maintain. Most of the Agentless Network Monitoring Tools come with self-monitoring features which makes the maintenance process very simple and less time consuming.
  • Easy to upgrade – In case of an Agent based network monitoring infrastructure, whenever the network monitoring tool or a network component is upgraded, all the agents in the network have to be upgraded. Agentless network monitoring environments do not have this problem.
  • Reduced fault overhead- In case of Agent based monitoring, the failure of an agent will stop the monitoring process for all the devices connected to that Agent. This problem does not occur in Agentless monitoring where the monitoring of devices is not affected by external factors.

A Robust Agentless Network Monitoring Software

OpManager incorporates the advantages of agentless monitoring solution to create a network monitoring infrastructure that includes powerful features such as:

  • Automatic device discovery & classification: OpManager leverages the power of discovery rule engine to help you automate the process of adding and classifying new / existing devices in your network Agentless Network Monitoring Tools - ManageEngine OpManager
  • 8000+ Device Templates & 18000+ Vendor Templates: In order to leverages the power of agentless monitoring to support a wide variety of both standard and non-standard network infrastructure, OpManager comes with 8000+ device templates and 39000+ vendor templates. These templates can be used to monitor multiple devices of different types from a single consoleAgentless Monitoring Templates- ManageEngine OpManager
  • 15000+ Performance monitors: OpManager comes 15000+ performance monitors which can be used to monitor a wide variety of device parameters from a single console. This makes the whole device and network management process powerful, effortless & effective.Agentless Network Monitoring Software - ManageEngine OpManager
  • IT Workflow Automation: OpManager Allows you to automate certain routinely performed network management tasks through IT Workflow Automation. You can also create custom workflows and schedule them to make your network management much easier.Agentless Network Monitoring Solutions - ManageEngine OpManager
  • Powerful Integrations: OpManager extends the power of Agentless Network management and monitoring by powerful intergations that help in flow monitoring, configuration management, applications monitoring and more.Agentless Monitoring - ManageEngine OpManager
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