How to add a device manually?

A device can be added manually by following the given steps:
  • Click the add icon (+) in the top right corner of "Device" page in Inventory.
  • On clicking it, a slide will open and you can either import the list of devices or you can add a single device by providing the ip address or the host name of the device.
  • After providing the host name, select the appropriate vendor and a device template to associate with the device. 
  • Check if the device is reachable or not by clicking on the "Ping" option after providing the ip address or host name. This option is only available if you are adding a single device.
  • Provide additional details like Series name, Model and the custom column values of the device.
  • After adding the device you will be presented with an option to associate credentials to the device.

To know how to associate credential to the device, please click here.