Backup Cisco switch config

Configuration backup is an increasingly important foundation for successful operation of your Cisco switches. It is essential to back up configurations to overcome network downtimes and to resume normal functioning. Failing to follow authentic configuration backup methods while backing up Cisco switch configurations can put your network devices in hot soup.

Cisco switch config backup can be made easy by using Network Configuration Manager - A network configuration change and compliance management software. You can back up Cisco switch configurations individually or in bulk with an instant, automated and scheduled configuration backup methods.

 Cisco backup switch config - ManageEngine Network Configuration

How to back up Cisco switch configurations in Network Configuration Manager?

After adding Cisco switches in Network Configuration Manager, you can communicate with the device and fetch their configuration files. You can backup Cisco switch configs, whenever a change is made or periodically as well. There are 3 ways which you can use to back up Cisco switch configurations.

  1. Instant Cisco switch configuration back up
  2. Syslog-based automated Cisco switch config back up
  3. Scheduled Cisco switch config back up

Cisco backup switch config instantly

Let's say you are about to make a configuration change which can turn out to be risky, if it is not implemented well. At such a time, it is always advisable to back up your Cisco switch configurations and have the latest versions stored safely. With these configurations stored safely in the repository, you can carry on with any configuration change without a worry.

Network Configuration Manager makes it easy for you by providing instant Cisco switch configuration backup option. You can choose the configurations you wish to backup, in bulk and have them stored for later use, if the need arises.

Backup Cisco switch configuration instantly - ManageEngine Network Configuration Manager

Automated Cisco switch config backup

In an organization consisting of thousands of Cisco devices, carrying out configuration changes in them will be a continuous process. And, an undesirable change made to a Cisco switch can cause havoc to its further operations. That is why, it is necessary to monitor and back up Cisco switch configs, every time a change is captured. However, that can be a mammoth task. But, Cisco switch config backup can be made effortless, if you automate change detection and configuration backups.

When change detection is enabled in a Cisco switch, syslog messages are triggered when someone logs in to a device and logs out of it. Upon receiving the syslog message, Network Configuration Manager triggers a back up of your Cisco switch, under an assumption that a change may or may not have been made. If a change is detected, the backup will be stored in the DB, otherwise discarded. Thus, it is an automated process and this process will go on, until you disable change detection Learn more.

Automated Cisco switch configuration backup - ManageEngine Network Configuration Manager

Backup Cisco switch configs periodically through schedules

As the number of devices keeps increasing, configuration operations also see a steady rise. In order to decrease the manual Cisco switch configuration back-ups and to concentrate on high-priority configuration tasks, you can always go for the scheduled back up of Cisco switch configs.

You can backup Cisco switch configs periodically by choosing a suitable time of schedule execution on an hourly, weekly, monthly, daily, basis. Scheduling backups for Cisco switch configs not only helps to reduce manual effort but also ensures your Cisco switch configs are always updated. Learn more.

Scheduled Cisco switch configuration backup tool - ManageEngine Network Configuration

Not just Cisco switches, with Cisco configuration backup tool, you can back up and monitor a wide range of Cisco devices like routers, firewalls, access points etc, with Network Configuration Manager. Check out the list below to see if your device model is listed, otherwise, click here to request device support!

Supported Cisco devices:

Vendor Device Type Support Model/Series
Cisco IOS switch All models of Cisco IOS switches
Cisco IOS router All models of Cisco IOS routers
Cisco Firewall All models of Cisco PIX firewalls and FWSM modules
Cisco IAD All models of Cisco IAD devices
Cisco Access points All models of Cisco Aironet access points
Cisco CatOS switch All models of Cisco CatOS switches
Cisco Access server All models of Cisco access server models
Cisco Content switch All models of Cisco content switches
Cisco ASA All models of Cisco ASA single context and multiple context models
Cisco ASA Cisco ASA with WAN support
Cisco Voice gateway devices All models of Cisco voice gateway devices
Cisco VPN concentrators All models of Cisco VPN concentrator devices
Cisco WLAN controller All models of Cisco WLAN controller devices
Cisco Cisco ACE module All models of Cisco ACE module
Cisco Integrated services Router (ISR) All models of Cisco ISR
Cisco MDS switch All models of Cisco MDS devices
Cisco Switch Cisco Nexus 7000 10-slot switch (N7K-C7010)
Cisco Nexus 5010 switch (N5K-C5010P-BF)
Cisco Firewall (FWSM) Cisco FWSM 4.x

Start efficiently managing your Cisco device configurations by downloading your 30-day, free trial of Network Configuration Manager.

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