Network Automation Tool

Network configuration automation is the process of deploying methodologies to automatically configure, track and manage network configurations. Using a powerful network automation tool not only eliminates human errors but also brings about substantial growth in enterprises by reducing operational expenses. This is why choosing an appropriate network automation tool is crucial for an ideal network performance. Network Configuration Manager is one such tool which is designed in a way befitting a standard network automation tool. It automates the important functionalities of configurations like backups, compliance, change tracking and management, thus improving overall productivity and reliability. Let us learn the various functionalities of an efficient network automation tool.

Functionalities of Network Automation Tools or Network Automation Solution

Configuration backups with Network Automation Software

Every change made in configurations carries a possibility of an error. In some cases, it even leads to network outages disrupting the normal functioning of crucial network devices. This is why changes made to crucial device configurations should be detected and backed up instantly. With network automation tool, you can be assured of automated configuration backups in critical network devices whenever a change is made. This process is completely automated and does not require the physical presence of an admin making it more convenient for network administrators. Learn More>>

Change notifications in real time with Network Automation System

The major role of a network administrator is to effectively monitor and manage network configurations. But, it is quite a task to gain complete control over a network environment consisting of a large number of network operators working on several configurations. Apart from being a physically draining process, manual change detection also leads to missing out on critical changes in network devices causing network disasters. Network automation solution completely wipes off the necessity to track changes manually. This tool instantly triggers change notifications in the form of E-mail, SMS, SNMP traps and syslog notifications whenever there is a configuration change. Thus, any undesirable change can be reverted immediately thereby preventing a potential network outage. Learn More>>

Manage and track config changes with Network Automation Tools

In an organization consisting of large number of network configurations, it is nearly impossible to manage and track changes manually. It is also a time consuming task to go through thousands of lines in a config file to check for changes. Network automation system makes change management simple by enabling administrators to - capture configuration changes in real-time, view detailed information on who carried out what change and compare two configurations by highlighting the changes. Learn More>>

Automated compliance auditing for CISCO, HIPAA, SOX and more with network automation platform

With enterprises finding more and more ways to attain growth in the corporate world, it has only increased the probability of security threats to their network resources. This is why it is mandatory to adhere to internal/external policies to avoid loopholes and legal issues. Network automation tool helps administrators to achieve compliance across industry-specific compliance policies. It also consists of in-built compliance templates in accordance with standard compliance policies like Cisco IOS policy, HIPAA, SOX and other important policies. The default compliance policies can be automatically applied across several devices which leads to increased security and data integrity. Learn More>>

Executing Configlets with Network Automation Tools

Quite often, there arises a need to carry out changes to the running configuration of devices making it a repetitive task. The same set of changes might have to be applied to multiple devices making it a tedious and a time-consuming process. Network automation tool provides an effective solution for this in the form of 'Configuration script templates', also known as Configlets. This tool automates bulk configuration changes by executing script templates and helps to upload config files across several network devices at one go. Network Automation platform also helps to execute ACLs and other troubleshooting commands in bulk, paving way to increased network security. Learn More>>

Your peers approve Network Configuration Manager.

    "Network Configuration Manager has worked very well for us. Their technical support has been outstanding and they have gone above and beyond what I would have expected. I would highly recommend this product for anyone who would like to successfully manage their configuration files for all of their devices. "
    Rob Calhoun, W.C. Bradley Company
    "Manageengine Network Configuration Manager has proven a very useful tool to help Federal Signal, Inc. manage multiple vendors equipment across multiple geographic locations. It has allowed us to effectively manage remote device configurations and implement effective change control for network infrastructure. "
    Larry Ware, Federal Signal Global Network Boffin
    "Network Configuration Manager is a very powerful configuration management tool. Network Configuration Manager has saved us a great deal of time if a problem does arise because we know we can immediately pull the history of changes made and roll back the running configuration to a last known good configuration if needed. If you are someone that is currently wondering how to get a handle on your configurations changes then Network Configuration Manager is for you."
    Kevin Spies, Manager of Network Operations, Lightyear Network Solutions, LLC
    "Network Configuration Manager has helped us save a great deal of time in rolling out configuration changes to numerous network devices within minutes rather than hours, or even days. The automated approach on backups allows us to sleep at night knowing that we always have the most up to date configurations of our devices. The web interface quickly gives you a user friendly snapshot of the status of your devices providing you the knowledge of what devices are backed up, not backed up, have start/run conflicts, etc. NCM is by far the biggest bang for your buck on the market. It's an absolute must for network admins of enterprises of all sizes". "
    Thus, Network Configuration Manager brings you all the aspects of network device management in a single console.
    Neil C. Perry, IT Manager, Stoops Freightliner-Quality Trailer, Inc