How To Questions

Inventory (Devices)

1. How to add a device manually?
2. How to provide credentials to the device?
3. How to trigger a backup for a device?
4. How to schedule a backup operation for one or more devices?
5. How to enable automatic change detection for a device?
6. How to sync running configuration to startup configuration in a device?
7. How to label current configuration for the selected device?
8. How to upload labelled (BASELINE) configuration?
9. How to hide / show columns in the Inventory?
10. How to filter devices in Inventory?
11. How to search for a String / Regex across device configurations?
12. How to update the host name for one or more devices?
13. How to modify Custom column values for one or more devices?


1. How to discover class A, class B and class C network devices?
2. How to configure discovery credentials?
3. How to import devices from a CSV file?
4. How to discover a selective range of devices?
5. How to tackle the 'unknown' devices issue?
6. How to schedule discovery?


1. How to apply same credentials to multiple devices?
2. How to change the protocol of already applied credentials?
3. How to test the credential validity for a particular device?
4. How to create a new credential profile?
5. How to check the associated devices for a credential profile?
6. How to associate devices to a credential profile?


1. How to add a new SysObjectID to NCM?
2. How to map  SysObjectID of manually added devices?
3. How to find the SysObjectID of  any device?

Device Template

1. How to create a device template?
2. How to edit a device template?
3. How to add a new SysOID to an existing device template?

Real Time Change Detection

  1. How to enable/disable real time change detection?
  2. How to configure third party syslog server(s)?