How to filter devices in Inventory?

Devices can be filtered in two ways in Inventory. By either using the filters provided on the left side of the page or by using the search option, the devices ca be filtered. Following are the details for both the options.


  • There are many filters present on the left side of the device list.
  • You can select a particular type of filter. Filter the devices by clicking the options  given for the selected filter.
  • Multiple options can be selected for one filter.
  • For example, to select all the Cisco and HP devices, select "Vendor" type in filter type. Then click on "Cisco" and then click on "HP" from the options.
  • Using these filters is easy and gives you more control than search because you can filter based on options like Conflict and Violations, but you can't apply multiple filter types at a time, which can be achieved via search option. It is advisable to use both these options together to get the best results. Please check below to see how to use the search option.


  • To use search option please click on search icon   on top right of the page.
  • Search boxes will appear below the column headers.
  • Enter the string you want to search for a particular column header.

You can filter devices based on multiple column headers at a time.