How to see the CVE details of vulnerabilities?

Follow the instructions to see the CVE details in Network Configuration Manager:
  • Click on Firmware Vulnerability tab and choose "All Vulnerabilities"
  • You will be able to see all the vulnerabilities listed along with the CVE id.
  • Click on the CVE id to view the details of the vulnerability.
  • On clicking the CVE id, you will be able to able to view the CVE details.
  • In the CVE details page, you can see the date the CVE id was published and last modified.
  • You can also see the summary which shows information about what the vulnerability is and on which device the vulnerability was reported first.
  • You can also see reference URLs, which provides the optimal resolution measures for the vulnerability and a comment section which allows users to add a required statement.
  • Also, you can see a status bar with options to mark the status of the vulnerability. You can also edit the status anytime and save the status by clicking the save icon.