What's new in Network Configuration Manager v12.3

NCM v12.3 has a handful of new features and enhancements for swift and efficient configuration management. 

Real-time change request notification

Be notified in real-time when there is a change request for approval. The requester also gets notified upon approval/rejection of the request.

Global configuration search

Search features, devices and also texts within configuration files with the results-retainable search bar.

Configuration upload schedule

Schedule configuration upload to a later date and time from the device snapshot.

Add/edit device templates

Add/edit any number of device templates as .xml files based on your need.

Note: If the .xml files are complex, contact support with your requirements and we'll help you with the file.

Dynamic device groups

Create device groups based on Backup Status / Config Conflict status / Compliance Status.

Real-time GUI

Get automatic page refresh / update in NCM Inventory and list. For example, you can view a device is being backed up.

For other enhancements and bug fixes, click here.