Tracking Telnet usage with Firewall Analyzer.

What is Telnet?

Telnet is a protocol used on the Internet or a local area network to provide a bidirectional, interactive, text-oriented communication facility using a virtual terminal connection. Using Telnet, one can connect to a remote computer over the Internet and use applications on the remote computer as if it were a local machine.

Why track Telnet usage?

Telnet allows you to gain access to a remote computer, which can be dangerous if your computer is taken over by a hacker—an all too real possibility. If Telnet usage goes unmonitored, hackers can use a port scanner to gain access to your network and then use Telenet as an extremely potent hacking tool to execute commands in a remote machine. With a Telnet client program, hackers can.

  • Read and send emails from the system.
  • Download source codes from web sites.
  • Probe the services offered by the system.
  • Send unexpected input to web servers.

How does Firewall Analyzer help track Telnet usage?

Firewall Analyzer tracks Telnet usage from firewall syslogs and provides a detailed traffic report on the following:


1. Top Host — Total host traffic sent and received using Telnet.

Top host graph


Top host table


2. Top Protocol — Top protocol group traffic sent and received using Telnet.

Top Protocol graph


Top Protocol table


3. Top Users — Top user traffic sent and received using Telnet.

Top user graph


Top user Table


4. Top Rules — The top rules used to access Telnet.

Top Rules Table


If any one of the hosts or users show unusual traffic, the security admin can investigate and secure that specific IP.

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