Customer Testimonials

"ManageEngine OpManager was a no-brainer to be honest. And the time-saving aspect, along with affordable pricing, was really just a icing on the cake. With OpManager, we've upgraded from a basic open source software to a very high level enterprise monitoring software. It honestly did more than SolarWinds for our IT operations management.”

- Michael Senatore,
Operations Manager, Rojan Pty Ltd, Australia.


"We are very happy with OpManager's network discovery feature. It helps to simplify the entire discovery of our network. Another important feature is bandwidth utilization. The bandwidth and traffic reports are detailed and helps monitor traffic across different levels.”

- Dhanabal,
Sonacomstar, India.


"Maybe the human eye can't see a few things, but OpManager tracks everything properly and gives us alerts before end users complain.”

- Vikas Sangwan,
BGPPL, India.


"Setting parameters in OpManager, then getting notifications when servers fail, is useful for us,"

- Patrick McDowell,
IT staff, Heritage.


"Before using ManageEngine OpManager, the condition of our equipment was uncertain. We could not visualize the condition of the network, and it was impossible to monitor our current traffic to determine if our network links were sufficient. We realized the problem too late, and our infrastructure equipment failed. OpManager anticipates problems and provides us with real visibility into our infrastructure. This assists us with performance issues, as well as with our infrastructure planning, forecasting, and decision-making. We have engineers in charge of monitoring the different alerts that OPM shows. OpManager allows us to enter the thresholds that we consider optimal for the proper functioning of our infrastructure. OpManager also helps automate the monitoring of our technological infrastructure, enabling our staff to focus on other tasks, and providing us with the confidence that the application is constantly monitoring and will alert us to any potential problems."

- Vargas,
MEP, Costa Rica


"We used to experience more downtime, and we spent more time troubleshooting issues. We no longer have to save configurations manually, and we don't have to connect to every device in order to check the status of the interfaces and bandwidth usage"

- Lorenzo,
Network Administrator, Connect S.P.A.


"We have a maturing KPI reporting regime, and OpManager is being used to gather various stats on things such as Internet performance, hardware/software currency, and circuit availability."

- Daran Rowlands,
Global Network Manager, GFK


"Brief reports on each devices is helping us achieve our SLA targets. Apart from reports, OpManager also helps me troubleshoot issues like latency and bandwidth utilization."

- Shabbir Faisal,
Network Operations Specialist, Khalifa University


"Clean Simple GUI. Don't need to be an expert. If you are stuck, there are loads of videos on youtube, and support is eally good"

- Pritchard,
Technical Architect, A.F. Blakemore   Son Ltd


"OpManager is an ever-improving monitoring solution with new features such as greater reporting capabilities, additional performance monitoring, failover support, and an enhanced dashboard with a great overview of all of our devices. It is the most beneficial tool we have."

- NOC team,
Hinduja Global Solutions


"We have a holistic view of the network and can monitor everything without any vendor assistance. We have proactively resolved issues before users are made aware. OpManager offers SLA monitoring, which is vital for our business."

- Fritz,
IT Team member,
The Building Company


"OpManager has given us insight into the availability of our devices and services. Now we can better define metrics that we need to monitor and why they are important to us. Also, because of Firewall Analyzer, we have greater insight into the performance of our WAN connection and how our firewall is performing."

- Peter Leone,
System Administrator,
Vabi Software


"Previously, we used Solarwinds Orion to monitor our private network and servers. The alerting system felt clunky, and it was sometimes difficult to navigate the interfaces to find what we wanted. OpManager changed that. Each interface tells you what you're configuring on each screen; helpful tips are also provided!"

The UI in OpManager is perfect, the interfaces are set out in such a way that we could open a new installation and get everything set up the way we needed within an hour, if not 30 minutes. Looking at the price point, the functionality, agentless monitoring capability, and usability, we went for OpManager."

- Blake Mobbs
IT specialist
Rojan Australia Pty Ltd


"It [OpManager] does everything that we need it to do!"

- Paul A
Network Engineer
US Healthcare Organization

"Every needed feature was offered by ManageEngine OpManager on an integrated platform. Being able to create bulk thresholds for device templates made it easier to create and deploy monitors as per the organization's needs. Threshold-based alerting, workflows, and business view maps are the application's most loved features.Notification profiles are of utmost importance for the infrastructure's smooth functioning" Hodžić points out. "Insight of power consumption, cooling, and environmental data for the datacenter is a game changer in keeping network uptime. Workflow automation options triggered by event/alarm has turned out to be a big plus for the organization."

- Edin Hodžić,
Senior IT Systems Engineer
Technology and operations department

"Because of security issues, my company has a closed network and that does not allow for remote access nor for the transfer of diagnostic logs that OpManager⁄ NetFlow support team needed. The support team’s expertise and pro–activity enabled them to help us and resolve our issues regardless of those obstacles. Their customer support staff is exemplary. They truly went above and beyond. Thank you, support team."

Kenneth Partner,
M.C. Dean, Inc

"With several of our customers wanting to move away from OpenView and looking for better alternatives, ManageEngine has proven to be a great one....

Power-IT is proud to be Zoho's ManageEngine partner and our combined strengths have ensured our Clients a smooth transition to ManageEngine with affordable, comprehensive, reliable and very friendly Solutions."

Ana Zoghbi
Power-IT Solutions Inc.

"My network guy likes the ability to map and view everything down to the port without a lot of effort. I like to see all services on my servers and see issues. It has a lot of of flexibility and I can monitor everything or even add monitoring metrics. With the Netflow Plug–in, I can better understand of traffic flow and what eats up bandwidth. With EMC Smarts, it did a lot and I needed a large team to manage the network. With OpManager, I don’t need to spend money on training and spend time writing policies and scripts. I don’t need a whole team to monitor the network. The TCO is much lower."

Calvin Lovett,
Technical Lead,
US Army Criminal Investigation Laboratory (USACIL).

"OpManager is an ever improving monitoring solution with new features in the latest version 8 release such as greater reporting capabilities, additional performance monitoring, failover support and an enhanced intro page with great overview of all of our devices. In my opinion, it is the most beneficial tool we own. There is a greater ROI with OpManager than with the other more costly monitoring systems like Tivoli, OpenView or SCCM’s Operations Manager. Not mention the ease of installation and configuration as compared to OpenView or Tivoli."

David Henry,
Systems Administrator,
AOSmith Electrical Products Company.


"Manageengine has been a great company to work with. Problem resolution has been very quick and professional, and the steady flow of new features has made the software a great investment for us

OpManager and Netflow have made a huge difference to our Network and Systems teams. Before we brought the Manageengine, we were using a number of different monitoring systems depending on the type and brand of equipment being monitored. Obviously this made it difficult to understand large issues that involved multiple systems spread across multiple monitoring systems. Now we have a single application that monitors nearly any piece of equipment we have on our network."

Andrew Harkins,
Network Operations Team,
Avera McKennan Hospital & University Health Center.
ManageEngine’s BEST NETWORK DESIGN AWARD Winner 2008

"The best way is to give you an example of how this has helped me. In my role probably one of the more important features of OpManager is the proactive monitoring. On occasion, I have received emails, from OpManager, over a weekend highlighting an issue with a switch. The switch was in our Security Gatehouse and the PC, phone and door access for that area all ran through it. I was able to contact the personnel on-site and explain what was needed to resolve the issue, therefore preventing a bigger problem first thing on Monday morning!. All in all a very useful tool and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a network management tool."

Rob Wren,
Infrastructure Service Manager,
Westmill Foods Limited.

"OpManager has a comprehensive feature-set, with accurate reporting capability. For the number of routers and servers it monitors, the price is extremely competitive. Further the support team has been extremely helpful. Couple of times on our server box, we did some Microsoft upgrades and our databases became corrupt. The support department was able to recover our databases. We didn't have to rebuild everything and they were very responsive. Excellent support staff!"

Network Support Supervisor,
Fiserv Credit Union Division.

"OpManager combines the best of features, a fabulous support team and an affordable price range. Every administrator looks for a product which is dependable, inexpensive and having responsive support. ManageEngine OpManager is a best fit for these criteria."

Roumen Ivanov,
Senior System Administrator,
ERP Suites.

"The new VoIP management addition to OpManager provides a clean, centralized monitoring center for your VoIP network. Being able to always view the top call statistics allows you to quickly identify any possible issues. Another key feature is the report section where historical data can be used to view trends in performance."

Nichole K. Boscia,
Senior Network Engineer,
NASA's Advanced Supercomputing Division.

"We have been using OpManager for several years now to monitor hundreds of devices and thousands of ports. The application has allowed us to be proactive to problems before end users notice, along with being a troubleshooting tool to bring faster resolution to issues when they arise. I installed the new NetFlow plug-in before its release and the application has performed flawlessly. I have even had a chance to use the data to troubleshoot an issue with a particular VPN timeout issue. I would highly recommend the OpManager product and the new NetFlow plug-in to assist in managing networks; from the small network with several devices to the enterprise level with hundreds."

Scott Heckman,
Senior Network Engineer at one of Maine's largest healthcare providers.

Universitas 21 Global
"I must say that OpManager surpassed my expectations completely, and I was initially very surprised that Manageengine were able to put together a package so tightly integrated for functional operations use. In fact, I am still amazed at the incredible value for money OpManager is."

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Paul Chan,
Infrastructure & Operations Manager,
Universitas 21 Global

Arnold Magnetics
"After trying out multiple SNMP monitoring programs, this one takes the cake in price, functionality and support. Tech support is awesome, and they are always including relavant new features as requested. Great Stuff!!!"

Jean P Bourget,
Arnold Magnetic Technologies

"With its rich web-based interfaces, OpManager offers pretty advanced network management functionality and at a compelling price-point, making our decision to select OpManager, all the more easier. We look forward to building upon our Network infrastructure with OpManager at the core of providing a secure and resilient management solution."

Tony Devlin,
Vice-President and CTO,
Airewaves Broadband

"I would like to say how much I enjoy your OpManager product. It provides all the tools needed to manage my network from one console. The features that were added in last update show your commitment to responding to your customers. I researched over 30 products prior to choosing OpManager and none of them came close to the number of features or anywhere near the affordability."
Paul Williams,
National Financial Partners
"...When it comes to Network Monitoring systems, OpManager is the obvious choice. Excellent value for money, feature rich and integrated to our Service Desk tool. In OpManager we have a great tool which satisfies all our requirements and at an extremely affordable rate!"

Barry Moore,
Australian Aerospace Limited

Ports Petroleum
"OpManager is a real handy tool to manage not just the network devices but also your applications, servers and databases along with the swtiches and routers.

With the automation of a lot of reporting chores, which we earlier used to do manually, our team now spends their time more productively on capacity planning and migration activities than on routine network monitoring and reports generation.

Overall, OpManager gives the best of LAN and WAN management and at an affordable price point"

Naj Mickael
IT Director Assistant
Ports Petroleum

"High availability of systems is critical for us and OpManager provides a superior solution as compared to other tools that I have used in the past. It provides critical fault and performance data from the network and makes my job much easier. It is an easy-to-use and cost-effective product that allows me to quickly navigate through event data, pinpoint specific problems and use that information to take corrective actions."

Venkat Penmetsa,
CustomerSat Inc.

"ManageEngine OpManager is packed with excellent features and a very user-friendly interface. Before deploying OpManager, we had a tough time managing critical devices in our network and now OpManager takes care of almost every thing, I would say our entire network, and this really helps our business to serve our customers better. Your support team has been very responsive to our questions and suggestions. Keep doing the great work!"

Umberto Zaccarini,
WMGitalia - Network.

"OpManager is a product with high quality of fault and performance management capabilities, at an affordable price. This product proactively manages our network and it is very easy to use."

Liu Guotao, Senior Manager-IT,
Liuhe Tobacoo Company of Jiang Su province.

"I see OpManager as a valuable tool to provide complete network system and application monitoring at an affordable price. I found it very user-friendly, easy to deploy, and overall a comprehensive network monitoring and management tool."

John Jordan, Technical Analyst,
ZEDA Limited,

"We tried different network monitoring products and most of them are designed to run on Windows. We chose OpManager as it can run on Linux as well as Windows. We also liked the out-of-the-box reports and graphs for availability, utilization and response time."

Moktar Kone,
System Administrator,

"OpManager is a perfect tool to showcase performance management, fault management and applications monitoring. We found it very user friendly and comprehensive in nature. It gives a complete picture of the Network, Systems, applications and services."

Achilles Santos Silva
Junior Department of Computer Science
UNERJ - University Center of Jaragua of the South

Zurich University
"Your product has won our test against other network management products! Opmanager has a superb GUI, great functions, almost plug & play and it has an extremely attractive price! I'm also going to have Opmanager integrated in my home network, because the free version is great!"

Matthias Bosshard
Zurich University.

Computer Automation Systems Inc.
"OpManager is an outstanding network monitoring software. Not only it is an application you can run on your desktop, but you can access it from anywhere via the web. With OpManager, I can now relax sitting at my desk without having to run across the office to see if there are problems!"

John Staggs, Sr.System Administrator,
Computer Automation Systems Inc.
"Prior to the implementation of your software, I had to constantly pull one or more software developers off of projects with high ROI to pinpoint issues related to slowing performance on production programs. In the 9 months since I implemented OpManager, this has been reduced drastically. We can now monitor and record true performance benchmarks on our production servers, over multiple time frames. This benchmarking has allowed us to set notices for unusual performance and pinpoint when the deviation began. This allows us lead time to address performance issues before the customer ever notices them. I have reduced 15% waste of development time by 90%. Now less than 2% of my developer time is lost to emergency repair of performance issues."

Brian Blanchard,
Chief Operations Officer,

"I must say that we are very happy with the performance and reliability of OpManager.

We have written our own alert processor that allows for more flexibility for sending out alerts (sms, email and net send) with multiple escalation levels, server blackout times, and selectable message type by time and day. Together make it a very powerful system."

Kieron Matthews,
Director, Rocktime Ltd

"This is the best analyzer program I've ever seen!!! OpManager has changed the way I administer my network. "

Damian Bermatov

"Strong product with a very good evolution and really easy to manage and configure."

Roger Moret

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