Brocade Configuration Backup Tool

Network Configuration Manager is a network configuration and change management (NCCM) tool that supports devices from Brocade and several other vendors. With Network Configuration Manager, you can manage the entire life cycle of Brocade switch configurations and router configurations.

What can you do with Network Configuration Manager?

With Network Configuration Manager, you can perform operations like configuration backup, create change management policies, track user activity, automate tasks and a lot more. Here's a closer look into what you can do with your brocade router and switch configurations with the solution:

Manage Brocade configurations

Managing your network configurations couldn't be simpler than with Network Configuration Manager. It eliminates the need to manually connect devices to PuTTy or Telnet to manage configurations. The solution's configuration management capabilities extend to supporting about 6700+ devices across various vendors including Broacade. With Network Configuration Manager, you can:

  • Backup device configurations in bulk (e.g., backup Brocade switch config)
  • Search configuration files and strings
  • Contextual, side-by-side comparison of altered configurations
  • Analyze network configurations
  • Label trusted configuration versions
Brocade switch configuration backup

Take control of changes made in Brocade device configurations

Network Configuration Manager gives you complete visibility and control over changes made to configurations. You can see who changed what and when the change was made with user activity tracking. Apart from that, Network Configuration Manager helps you:

  • Implement change management policies
  • Receive real-time notifications on configuration changes
  • Instantly rollback to previous or trusted configuration versions
Brocade router configuration

Check Brocade configurations for compliance

Network Configuration Manager helps you ensure compliance to both internal and industry compliance policies. Check your network's compliance with policies like PCI DSS, SOX, HIPAA and other custom policies by:

  • Performing routine compliance checks and generating reports
  • Scheduling compliance checks
  • Fixing rule violations using remediation configlets
Brocade switch configuration

Automate configuration tasks in Brocade devices

Configlets are executable configuration templates that can be used to automate repetitive configuration tasks. Network Configuration Manager has its set of default configlets and allows you to create custom configlets. Configlets can be used to perform the same operation on multiple devices simultaneously. Some of the common applications of configlets include:

  • Enabling encryption
  • Enabling syslog
  • Exporting NetFlow
  • Enabling and disabling SNMP
backup Brocade switch config

Get comprehensive reports on Brocade device configurations

Generate reports to keep tabs on your network configurations and devices. Network Configuration Manager consists of built-in reports and allows you to create custom reports based on your requirement. You can readily generate the following reports using Network Configuration Manager:

  • Startup-running conflict reports
  • EOL/EOS reports
  • User Activity tracking reports
  • Configuration change reports
  • Configuration analysis reports
  • Compliance reports
  • Security audit reports
Brocade VLAN configuration

With Network Configuration Manager's holistic reports and configuration management options, you can detect, fix and also prevent network issues to ensure minimal network downtime.

Supported Brocade devices

Below is the list of Brocade devices Network Configuration Manager currently supports. You can request for support of your devices here, if they are not in the list below.

Vendor Device type Supported model/series
Brocade Switch 200E
Brocade Switch FastIron Switch and Fiber Switch
Brocade Router Brocade Routers
Brocade Router Brocade 648G FWS Switch
Brocade Router TI2X24 Switch
Brocade Router Brocade 624S FCX Switch
Brocade Router XMR Ironware V5.7 Switch
Brocade Router 7250 ICX Switch
Brocade Router SilkWorm 3850 Fabric Switch
Brocade Router VDX Switch

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