Juniper Software Upgrade

This article is about how to upgrade software in Juniper devices using CLI and how to upgrade firmware on multiple devices simultaneously in NCM application using configlets

If you don't have NCM installed, please click here to download and install the application.

Steps to upgrade software in Juniper devices using CLI

  1. Login to device using SSH / TELNET
  2. Use below command to install the software package
  3. Switch>request system software add package-name

  4. Use below command to reboot the device
  5. Switch>request system reboot

The corresponding configlet can be created in NCM application as shown in below screenshot.

Also you can click the below button to download the Configlet as XML and import it into NCM application using file import option.

Configlet Name Juniper Software Upgrade 

This configlet is used to upgrade software in juniper devices using "request system software add <package name>" command.The software package should be available in the device

Execution Mode Advanced Script Execution Mode
Configlet Content

 <command Sequence='1' >request system software add $package-name</command>

<command  Sequence='2' Condition='contains' Value='yes,no' Success='3' Failure='end' prompt='down|)' >request system reboot</command>

<command Sequence='3' >yes</command>