Discovery, Device Groups & Inventory

Device configuration management starts with addition of your devices to the inventory. Enterprises have hundreds of devices and it would be a laborious task to add devices manually one-by-one. Network Configuration Manager provides discovery option to add SNMP-enabled devices in bulk in a single click. Other devices can be manually added or could be imported in bulk from a flat file.

Network Configuration Manager establishes communication with the devices via SSH / Telnet / SNMP. The configuration files are transferred from and to Network Configuration Manager using TFTP. It helps create a device inventory with all device details, hardware properties besides enabling you to view, label, edit and upload device configuration from a single, centralized web GUI. The inventory would be a powerful tool at the hands of the administrator allowing him to gather vital information of the devices being managed. Administrators gain visibility into the network and devices.

The devices in the inventory can be grouped based on any logical criteria - for example 'Cisco Router Group' containing all Cisco routers. Configuration operations such as backing up configuration, uploading configurations to devices and others can be performed on all devices of the group at one go.