To accomodate today's growing business needs, the network infrastructures are frequently subjected to changes that might cause vulnerabilities. As the number of vulnerabilities on a network increase, the likelihood of a network disaster also increases.

A network admin—who is responsible to take care of an organization's network—needs deep visibility into their network, with information on user activity, as well as associated devices and their configurations. This information will aid the admin in taking appropriate network disaster prevention and recovery measures. We're offering this e-book to provide tips and tricks on identifying and fixing network disasters, so you can simplify your disaster prevention and recovery implementation.

Through the real-world scenarios discussed in this e-book, you'll learn how to:

  • Reduce network downtime by quickly recovering from network disasters.
  • Ensure business continuity with disaster prevention.
  • Get deep insight into network operations and activities.
  • Prevent data breach attempts and ensure your network has the utmost security.

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