Improved visibility into your network configuration operations with ServiceDesk Plus integration

Network Configuration Manager seamlessly integrates with ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus (SDP) to help you with network configuration and fault management. With this helpdesk integration, you get enhanced visibility into configuration change requests and backup failures. The helpdesk ticketing system also helps you maintain a track of all your network operations.

Helpdesk Ticketing System

Get notified and keep track of changes with automatic ticket generation

  • With role-based access control in Network Configuration Manager, operators can't directly make changes to device configurations. They can only request configuration change upload to the administrators.
  • With the SDP integration, every time a configuration upload is requested, a ticket is created automatically to alert the admins.
  • The tickets contain short descriptions and URLs that take admins directly to the change request in the UI, where it can be approved or rejected. This avoids the hassle of searching for the change requests in the UI.
  • The integration also takes care of automatic closure of tickets once the requests have been processed.
Custom Template Upload

Get instantly alerted of backup failures on your helpdesk

  • Keeping track of configuration backup failures has become simpler and more efficient with the help desk integration.
  • Configuration backup failures in Network Configuration Manager automatically create tickets to notify the admin to take quick action.
  • The tickets automatically close after the next successful configuration backup and reopen every time there is a backup failure in the same devices.
NCM backup failures

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