How to add a new device template?

Follow the steps given below to add a new device template in Network Configuration Manager:

  • Go to Settings -> DeviceTemplate-> click on Add button.

  • In the Device Details tab, provide the necessary details.

  • The Device Template Name is mandatory, while "Description" and "OS type" is optional. Click Next, once done.

  • Like older versions, we have not provided an option to include new vendors and new device types, you can create device templates only for existing vendors and device types. (We will be providing support for new vendors and device types soon.)

  • After providing device details, edit CLI configurations by adding the commands for various configuration operations. (For more details click "editing CLI configurations").

  • After providing the required commands, click Next.

  • In the System Object Identifier tab, if you are aware of the SysOID, series and model of the devices, you can directly mention them in the text boxes.

  • If you are not aware of the SysOID of the devices, click on "Query SysOID" on the top right corner of the page.

  • The new device template will be added after SysOID is associated.