How to approve/reject an upload request?

Follow the steps given below to approve/reject a request:

  • Go to Change Management from Main Menu
  • Click on "Pending Requests" tab
  • Click on the request that you want to approve or reject
  • Check the details of the request. These parameters may vary based on the different types of requests.
  • Click on 'Reject' to reject the request.
  • If you wish to execute, click on 'Execute'. The request will be approved and will be executed.
  • If you wish to just approve the request, click on 'Approve'. The approved request can be executed later by the requestor or approver from the "Executable request" page.

However, schedule requests can be approved normally to be executed on the scheduled time.

You can also see the pending requests under notifications, since a notification is created for all the admins whenever there is a new request.

You can also approve the request from the link that is provided in the notification mail that's been sent to all the admins while creating the request.

Only Admins can approve/reject a request.

Note: In case of few requests like script execution request, you can approve the request and allow the scripts to run immediately or you can choose to schedule the script execution. This option is not available for all the request types.