How to associate a configuration with a certain label?

A configuration can be associated with a label in 2 ways. Following are the steps for both ways, any one can be used to associate a configuration to the a particular label.

From Inventory:

  • Go to Inventory > Devices
  • Select the device(s) for which you want to associate the configuration to a label
  • Click on the 3 horizontal dots  at the top right corner to get device option list.
  • Click on Label Configuration
  • Select the label from the 'Select label to associate' drop down. If you wish to create a new label, please select 'New Label Name' and provide the label name in the 'New Label Name field'
  • Click Save

From Label Management:

  • Go to Settings > Device Management > Label Management
  • Select the label you want to associate with the configuration
  • Click on Associate
  • Select the device(s) in newly opened slide
  • Click Associate

Both ways will associate the selected device's current configuration to the selected label.