How to create a custom compliance policy?

After installing Network Configuration Manager, if you go to Compliance tab from the main menu you will see a list of default policies recommended by some device vendors. There is also an option where you can define customized compliance policies based on your requirements. Follow the steps given below to create a Custom Compliance Policy:

  • Go to Compliance Tab from Main Menu.
  • Select the Policies tab if not already selected.
  • Click on the add icon  next to the tab.
  • Give a name to the new policy in the newly opened slide.
  • Provide a description for the policy (Optional but recommended for better understanding of the policy in future).
  • Select a configuration type (Running or Startup) to which this policy must be applied.
  • Select the violation criteria. You can choose between two options: "Policy is violated if any of the associated rule is violated" or "Policy is violated only if one or more critical rules are violated".
  • Select the Rule Groups that must be adhered to this policy. There are few default and commonly used rule groups that are bundled with Network Configuration Manager but you can also create your own rule groups. Click here to know how.
  • Click "Next" after rule group Selection.
  • Select the device groups and/or devices to which this policy applies.
  • Select the checkbox if you wish to run a compliance check for this policy, immediately after its creation.
  • Click on "Save".