How to create a device template?

Following are the 3 ways in which you can create a device template:

  • Cloning an existing template: if you can find a closely related template under Settings > NCM > Device Template, click on the clone button and you can tweak the existing device template according to your needs, and save it with a new name.

  • Importing a device template: If you feel comfortable in working with XML files, then you can opt to export any of the existing device template in XML file and make the changes there. Once you are satisfied with the changes, save the file and import the file once again by clicking Import Device Template under Settings > NCM > Device Template. This process will create a new device template and won't effect the device template you exported.

  • Create a request to NCM support: You can also create a request by clicking Request New Template under Settings > NCM > Device Template. Once the form is loaded, fill up all the requirements and click on submit. This will create a ticket for NCM Support Team and we will create a template from scratch according to your requirements and send it to you in XML format at earliest. You can then import the XML into NCM to use the newly created device template. You can also mail us your requirements at or